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Wieden + Kennedy London
Wieden + Kennedy London - a creative communications agency.
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Yeah, along with a pair of tights and an old thruppeny bit.
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2014 on the big spring clean at welcome to optimism
Interesting post, Luke. Can you please explain what you mean by that last point: "if you’re using data it's now more important than ever that you make the return of information disproportionately big enough for people"?
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2014 on SXSW: Day two at welcome to optimism
Cheers, Sean.
You have conjured up the appealing image of a slime-coated Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'm not sure I understand your point. My contention is that, in the same way that Arnie's body is a result of his philosophical commitment to fitness, our environment is the product of our creative inclinations. It probably wouldn't occur to Arnie to eat a big portion of chips and wash it down with a few pints of beer. That's just not what he does. Stay hungry.
I suppose it depends on how you say it. It could be, anguished and despairing, "The work! The work!! The WORK!!! Arrrgggghhh!" Or it could be, incredulously, "The work? The work?? The work?!" Or perhaps we're all just the same.
Cheers, Phil. Great performance! Next stop: Hollywood.
The letter was scanned and delivered via email.
yes, you're quite right. Updated above with the correct link. Thanks for pointing that out, John. James
Thanks, chaps.