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Wieden + Kennedy London
Wieden + Kennedy London - a creative communications agency.
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Yes, Aduvanchik, Melisss did come and visit. More info here:
Hello, Graeme here (I posted this). Yes, it was an oversight. I didn't draw the connection between the two things but I can see how you might have found it inappropriate. It's been amended. Apologies if any offence was caused, as I'm sure you'll appreciate it clearly wasn't intended. Cheers
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2014 on On location with Honda at welcome to optimism
Sell! Sell! I agree. There are some agencies who'd prefer to dispense with any kind of product message and there are some advertisers who think they can rationally convince people of product superiority, without having to be moving or entertaining. Both extremes are probably wrong. I would say, however that there is very little rational product information in the Lurpak work. The product is at the heart of the work, but we don't describe or justify its quality through any description of its ingredients, provenance, manufacture, etc. Equally, our Grrr campaign for Honda diesels told a product story, but didn't do it in a way that relied on rational persuasion.
Jaymark - yes, absolutely. As the image suggests above - tattooed bikers generate publicity for Harley; this does have some value.
Thanks for taking the time to comment, Prof B. Please forgive my over-simplification. I take your point that, in themselves, originality and 'relevance' are insufficient to achieve effectiveness. I intended to convey the attributes of engagement and branding but should have been more specific. The whole area is fascinating because, despite the evidence to the contrary, the faith in the rational persuasion model is still so persistent amongst marketers.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2014 on How advertising really works at welcome to optimism