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@James: It may have been posted in other places that received the same press release from the military's Hometown News Service.
Robert, Yes, Galluccio said that and Ross said that too. At the end of Flaherty's response he said he had no intention of using negative tactics--I don't have the CCTV audio but it was at the end--methinks. I just put in a call to the AFL-CIO and their spokesman, Tim Sullivan, told me that on their 18(!)-page questionaire, Fleherty did not circle yes or no for the question: would the candidate refrain from negative campaigning? Nowicki circled yes on the question and Sullivan said he would track down what Ross and Galluccio's responses were. Sullivan said it is a standard question included in all questionaires for open seats. I just put in a call to Flaherty headquarters and Dorie Clark promised to get me a definitive statement from the candidate, which I will share with the world. --neil.
robert and ron, from time to time i have posted these notices. i know they are scams and everyone else does too. i don't do it all the time, but when one have a neat twist i will post it. as for the spam, i caught them as soon as i could. my intention was to make the site as open as possible. finally, it got so bad that i had to add the filtering system. sometimes the web site strays from the neighborhood if something catches my eye, like the rules for taking monkeys on planes or the model who was hating on myspace. basically the site asks as a governor for my id, which allows me to keep the paper fairly well-behaved. i once printed a letter in "the somerville news" and a former member of the governor's council approached me to ask me why the e-mail in the letter didn't work. "i just wanted to help them out," he said to me. next time i will run a disclaimer.
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