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"I wonder if Netflix employees get throttled?" Yes they do. The accounts are treated like any other accounts... except they are free of course.
I have heard rumors of silver DVD-R's coming out of the middle east, so this is possibly one of these. I would look to see if there is a slight color difference on the back were the burn stopped.
Watching the video, I can see that the stuffing machines are not totally autonomous. It takes an employee to keep them running, so there shouldn't be mass layoffs when all the machines come online.
Eviltmes, are you saying that the new releases are being delayed for 6 months or that they were not sent out on the release date to you for 6 months. I am confused. Also it is not uncommon for the USPS to take a few days for proses the mail. Especially at big mail hubs. It might be a post office delay and not a Netflix delay. I have seen this happen more then once.
The Netflix machines can not scratch the DVDs because they are in a Tyvek sleeve. Unfortunately, most DVD scratches are caused by rough handling by the renters. So, please be kind to the DVDs.
The first season of Ranma 1/2. The rest of the series doesnt make much sense if you don't see the first episode.
It would be nice if all the USPS facility were as vigilant as Boston General. Unfortunately I know that a few USPS facilities still run the Netflix envelopes through the automatic system instead of receiving them manually. don't get me wrong, most USPS facilities are doing a bang up job with the Netflix envelopes, but it only takes a few rotten apples to spoil the hole barrel.
I don't think Netflix answers to WalMart or any other retailer. It makes more sense to rent out the new DVD's and when the demand for them is reduced to sell off the excess stock.