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I wasn't crying. I was slinking. But if you want tears we can play 'stern teacher and shy schoolgirl' again.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2007 on YLIMPICS UPDATE at Dave Barry's Blog
Guess I don't need to report an update after all. *hugs the fishes* *boxes up oodles of good vibes and sends um along* What? It is boxing day after all. I had much to say, but I've forgotten everything except the fact I set out Christmas crackers every year. They are fun. I's like to report on how much fun the Christmas eve party was that I went to was, but I can't remember most of it. Also, it's slightly embarassing to discover the 86 yr old lady there could and did drink me under the table. I think she must have cheated. z8bvqk ~ i got nothing. Cept annoyed cause I had to sign in to typepad, robot and shut down my security. grrrrrrr
Maybe I'll stay back here cause this Moat didn't make me robot or shut things off to post. *sighs*
Neo can't post and can't turn off her security program. As soon as I can get her on the phone I'll try and talk her thru it so she can at least post. El ~ if you talk to judi/nava or julio before I do, would you add neo to the list of big black white screen people please. Ty *smooch*
Crap. It ate my last post. I'm getting giant white screen when I post. Again. Even signed into typepad. Unless I shut off security, which I can't do everytime I want to post something. arGGGGhhhhh!!!
Crapola. Not only did I have to robot, but I had to shut off net security to even get to the robot screen. I'm back where I was when the roboting thing first appeared. One giant blank white screen when I hit post. Even signed into typepad. Grrrrrrrr. Navaaaaaa helppppppp!!
Ooo.. this Moat remembers my info (the last Moat never did), but I'd be willing to bet it makes me robot, which it never did before. I've sent Julio and email about it and he's sooo confused he just sent it on to nava. Now we shall commence giving nava nightmares. Bwuahahahaha I just had a huge spinach salad for dinner. But I will only eat spinach raw, never cooked. It's kinda like mucus when it's cooked. Ick. Christmas eve day I get to spend with my dad and stepmonster. I'm still hoping for that laptop, but I'm not holding my breath. Then an open house at a friends place for the rest of the night and I don't have to do anything but show up and drink. WooHoo. Christmas day I have to put together a brunch and play hostess for god knows how many and then come home and make a christmas dinner for the rest of my family. I'm thinking of bbq-ing a ham, since another turkey will not be crossing my threshold. Nervous breakdown is penciled in for around 9ish christmas night. Drinking will commence early and continue until I forget how to swallow.
I Think we need judi to disable the robot feature. I get it now too. Even signed into typepad. I got it on all the old threads. Except the Moat.
Fleshpile on TCK? Sweet! Oh wait... we are just the drool-gallery for now. It's too early for a full on fleshpile. *sighs*
Hmmm.. when you get an account you can't put anything else in your addy line cause it doesn't give you such a line. I don't think I like this much. No way to link to my blog or leave goofy messages or spread Rumours. *considers* Logging in is a last resort I think. But it'll do for now.