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I am somewhere between Group D and just a loner. We somehow managed to get my daughter into a kindergarten class where (it seemed) everyone else had already met at assorted kid activities. There was a built in clique and we never quite made it up to snuff. Mind you, their daughters really like mine, so they all hang out together. The moms, however, could care less about me. Except that I'm pregnant with twins, so now I'm suddenly a rockstar. My recommendation: if Savannah joins any clubs, see if you like any of the moms that help out. Maybe you can pick up a friend that way! I did that, but it turns out the mom and I like one another far more than her daughter likes mine! So we have our play dates and drag our daughters in together.
I think you should be prepared to read it. I think, and I have a daughter too, that protecting her is more important than protecting her privacy. When she's old enough to be able to fight back and understands, deep inside, what good and bad touches are I would probably stop. However, your personal history is the best example of a justified invasion of privacy. I also think your mom was awesome for confronting the bastard. I'm also glad that you're OK.
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Hi! I'm Hatchet (Short form of Woman with a Hatchet from blog of same name - I'm sneaky that way). I have one 5 11/12ths year old daughter and a pair of twins on the way (Yes, I'm terrified, thanks for asking.) in another billion years or ~5 months whichever seems longer. I think the parenting thing I liked best about myself yesterday was catching myself turning into my parents for a moment when Caitlin started screaming/whining/crying over a DRESS. Instead of spanking her with the oh-so-70s-appropriate: "I'LL give you something to cry about!" parent-ism that popped into my head, I simply shut her door, went to my room and shut my door. Recognizing patterns I grew up with and stopping them - I'm proud of that. Not proud of wanting to spank her, but I didn't and that's what counts. Hang in there!
I breastfed my daughter for 13 months. However, being paranoid, I did a lot of reading up before she was born and discovered that my nipples were "inverted" - as in if you apply pressure to the aureola, instead of the nipple jutting outwards, they retract. Figuring that this was not going to lead to a positive breastfeeding experience for either of us, I learned what to do to fix it before she was born. Then there was the pesky emergency c-section, milk not coming in for two days but then POW! I was an instant milking machine. One that got blocked ducts (OW!) and sore and cranky and all kinds of things. Being stubborn as hell, I hung in there as long as I could and greatly appreciated that she never broke a tooth until she turned 1. It wasn't easy. I don't think anything involved in having children necessarily is. However, every woman has their story, their set of circumstances that let them breastfeed or not and all are valid reasons. I figure, considering what we all go through just to HAVE children in the first place, everyone deserves respect. Complaining about breast vs. formula is a waste of time. You go, ladies!