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What can we do to help with this? I have so been wanting this to happen since your first episode. I mean Frakes is the actor I most want to not see in front of a camera. Um, I mean, I have loved his directing ability since TNG, not that I don't want him to have work. :) So seriously, how can we make this happen?
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Now sing after me: "We men! MANLY MEN! We're men in tights! TIGHT TIGHTS!" So, when can we order an autographed 8x10 of this and will it arrive by Christmas?
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2010 on The Best Chaos Elf, EVER. at WWdN: In Exile
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Please, please, please, please tell me that Jonathan Frakes is directing the episode. Even ignoring the geekiness that is the two of you together, Frakes is overall one of my favorite TV directors out there.
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So, brief background. In Steve Jackson's game GURPS, you take damage until you are negative, at which point you roll a health check to see if you die. If you succeed, you stay alive. If you enough damage so that you are at more than negative your starting hit points, you take another health check to see if you die, and so on until you are at more than negative 5 times your starting health when you die no matter what. So, my story. I'm in a GURPS fantasy campaign and the party is chasing a group of slavers. The captain is a huge fop with a giant hat. To escape us he jumps down to his ship where he is caught by some of his sailors. We don't feel we can safely follow him because jumping will get us shot to death. Then I remember his hat fell off when he jumped. So I ran over to his hat and yelled out his name while doing a dance on top of his hat. He yells to shoot me, but due to height I am out of range of their bows. So one enterprising sailor turns the ballista at me and fires (yes the giant crossbow designed to sink ships). GM rolls a hit, I roll a dodge and not only fail, but am 1 point from critically failing. GM looks at me and this conversation starts: GM: Sorry, your character's dead. Me: Not necesarily, after armor it takes 72 points of damage to kill me. GM: But it's a ship weapon. Me: I don't care, roll damage. GM: But it's designed to take out ships. Me: Then you should have the stats in the Vehicles book, roll damage. GM: Sighs. flipping of Vehicles book, a bunch of dice rolled. GM: Ok, after armor you take 70 points of damage. Me: Hah, I have 2 points left before insta-kill. GM: Yeah, but you owe me 5 Health rolls. Me: Ok. (Succeed at 4 Health rolls). Just one more. (miss last roll by 1). GM: See told you you were dead. Now in my defense, I am just as likely to correct a rule when it is not in my favor as I am if it is in my favor. If I can remember one of my "argue the GM into hurting me" stories I'll post it as well.
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Jun 22, 2010