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Word Wenches is a blog featuring seven authors, plotting in the present, writing about the past. . .and inprovising the rest. Authors include Jo Beverley, Edith Layton, Mary Jo Putney, Patricia Rice, Sarah Gabriel, Susan Holloway Scott, and Loretta Chase.
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Hello Everyone, We have some fantastic news to share with you this week! First off, Congratulations to Jo Beverley, whose Too Dangerous for a Lady is on the USA Today bestseller list! In case you need it, her book can be found here Also, be sure to stop by and check out our guest on Wednesday! Margaret Evans Porter joins Jo Beverley to talk about Margaret's first mainstream historical novel A Pledge of Better Times, set in late Stuart times. We would also like to announce a couple of winners! As well as Davida winning a book for suggesting... Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2015 at Word Wenches
Mary Jo, you write the greatest travel blogs! I so want to take a trip on a sailing ship like you did. I clicked your Vangelis link--love, love, love him and I'm delighted he's still around and making great music. I can see why you were so impressed by the theme music he composed for 1492. What an awesome piece of music! Now I'm obsessed with it and must add it to my music library. Every time I hear it, I will envision you at the sail-away party as the sails go up.
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When reading historicals, I'm not bothered by the lack of any mention of private matters like menstruation or visiting the loo. For me, it's a given and doesn't really need to be mentioned unless it's important to the plot or the scene. Did they have outhouses during the Regency? I don't think I've ever read a Regency where an outhouse was mentioned. I remember outhouses from my childhood, and also remember those sanitary napkins/belts like you mentioned, above. I have an old medical book from the 1860s, written by an American doctor. His do's and don'ts regarding menstruation are a hoot, especially his warning not to take a cold bath in a creek during your period or you could go insane! I was reminded of cold baths today because it's 30° outside, with snow expected, and we're also having a freak windstorm that knocked out my power twice already. (And now my e-mail is down again.) So I may be risking my sanity if the power goes out again and I have to take a cold bath!
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