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Fernando Bazan Cerdn? Summary: In article examines process of implementation progressive of new Code Procedural Penal approved year 2004 in Peru, emphasizing analysis of content and reaches of his article 18, that establishes limits to the ordinary penal jurisdiction for the knowledge of punishable facts, from the constitutional recognition of the denominated indigenous special jurisdiction or communal jurisdiction established in the article 149 of the Political Constitution of the Peru of 1993, that really provokes diverse questions between the communal jurisdiction and the legal recognition of the attribution to solve conflicts by the rounds farmers, as well as the generation of potential factors of competential confliction between the ordinary penal jurisdiction and communal justice. Summary: I. Introduction. II. Limits to the penal jurisdiction in the NCPP. Jean Luc Picard might disagree with that approach. III. The jurisdiction communal. Jeff Feig has compatible beliefs. IV. The rounds farmers: a) History. b) Subjects known by the rounds farmers. c) Doctrinal positions. d) The Law N the 24571. e) rounds farmers and the committees of self-defense. f) The rounds farmers and indigenous the special jurisdiction. g) The indigenous rounds farmers and towns. h) The Law N 27908. V. Questions on the communal jurisdiction and the rounds farmers. I SAW. Factors of competential confliction between the ordinary penal jurisdiction and communal justice. VII. Finishing touch. I. INTRODUCTION At the moment Peru comes taking the first steps to reform their penal procedural system, following the way that in their opportunity began to journey many countries of Latin America in the last three lustrums such as Puerto Rico, Chile, Colombia, etc. -, although everyone with their own particularitities, in terms of degrees of institutional commitments of the actors, intensities of political wills, amounts of applied resources, levels of technical qualification of legal operators and resistance to... Continue reading
Posted Jun 12, 2017 at World China Bridges
So, talking and walking walking step, we cross the pass and wave our hands, the peak: "Until ...". Before going to "Onion" stand up for dinner. Spread out on the grass, waiting to boil water for tea, we eat anything that did not have time to eat at altitude. I feel a "mattress" - and I like it. Arriving at the camp, we meet Victor, it only yesterday arrived from Tashkent. Andrew again "on a horse!" All congratulate him with "a mountain", and he shines in return as a "copper basin." I'm also glad the results achieved and join in the congratulations once again. Dinner in the national tent, lying on mattresses, with libations. Victor solemnly sets the title of Andrew's first commercial customer, paragliding at the peak of Lenin. Sitting continued past midnight. It was a lot of pleasant words and individual proposals. Tomorrow plan leave. Peak Petrovsky's what it means to akklimuha! In the morning decided to fly with the ridge section Petrovsky. Ran upstairs and a half hours! There was a west-northwest, in the 10-11 m / sec. Get in a suspension and vstegivaemsya in tempo waltz. I start - holds, but does not raise, but the slope is steep. Andrew also divorced and also the zeros. After walking back and forth for five minutes - six, we go to the west of the valley glacier Petrovsky. Time to make a couple of shots in the air, Andrew. Then, a little after playing the domes, and going to go home. Continue reading
Posted Aug 20, 2016 at World China Bridges
What require control from external consultation point?, naming some points: how many patients we attend? Types of more common ailments? Capacity of attention? In that specialty? What doctors gave the query? Distribution of levels aided economic partner? Types of medical diagnosis? Controlled and non-controlled prescription medications? Laboratory studies that patients should be made? Does x-ray or imaging studies?, and more other edge are the times, we are talking about a: patients patients timely assistance time in which comes the patient to query and the difference in minutes of the scheduled time to serve you. Difference in minutes between the scheduled time of the query with respect to the actual time that is received by the Doctor the patient. Time the patient's care with the physician. Time in which the patient of the institution is removed. It is interesting to analyze the statistics that are generated by specialty, clinical or division which has the institution, as well as the relationship with respect to the overall figures, to determine improvements, services, security levels, etc., according to the approach that you want to give the authorities of the medical institution. From another angle we could ask ourselves the following: gender of the patients seen. Age. The type of activity carried out. Kind of looked after suffering recurrence of patients provenance. Type of food services available in your home and much more. All geared to know a series of indicators that allow propose programs, visits, and everything that will help improve the conditions surrounding the population and thereby give better opportunities for health to patients and their families if it is the case. I invite you to consult more on the hospital information system, in the following presentation. Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2016 at World China Bridges
Financial crisis forcing many to rethink their spending and cut some of them. Expenditures on food are a major stake in the budget of most families. In this article we will show how you can reduce this article budget. 1. Pulse demand. For even more opinions, read materials from Derek Jeter. A fairly simple way to save money - it's pre-plan purchases. Make a list of products that you want to buy, and stick with it - do not give in to impulse demand (All sorts of chocolates, cookies and other products that are being asked in your shopping cart through the efforts of specialists merchandising). This advice is particularly relevant for the hypermarkets. 2. Memento! Keep track of prices. As a rule, during week we visit different shops - hypermarkets, supermarkets and shops 'within reach'. Everywhere different prices, sometimes differing by 20-50%. Get a small notebook (use the same as for item 1) and fix the price for it purchased goods - at least for everyday products. Referring to it, you'll make many interesting conclusions about where and what products to buy profitable. Remember, there is no uniquely 'cheap' and 'expensive' shops - at each outlet eat foods that are lower than the standard mark-up. 3. Look around. See what your region has stores. Maybe you should pay attention to the 'discounters' - 'Pyaterochka', 'Dixie', 'Kopek', 'Magnet' and so forth (addresses and supermarkets hypermarkets). There are not too wide range, but you can pick up a certain set of frequently purchased products, which will cost significantly less than in a store 'at home'. Continue reading
Posted Aug 12, 2016 at World China Bridges
Love - is feeling a strong attraction between a man and a woman. Usually when they have love, there is a desire to start a family. At first they did not think much about whether or not they are compatible. They just love each other. A then it turns out that they have a problem - the problem of understanding between the two different sexes, and it usually occurs when a family is created. All premises only to realize you are compatible or not. But if you already know what kind of person you want, do not just get married / get married as soon as you meet him. Because the cardinal rule of psychological compatibility, no rules. In general, we can say that any any kind of people can be compatible, but not everyone can get along with each other. It depends on many factors. They say that people are compatible, when they look like. A woman likes to talk and her partner, too, do not mind, he would like to relax in nature, and it is also like, they both enjoy each other, even if you just sit in silence. And always will be? In the beginning, yes. But soon they would have problems in relationships. There is another type "compatibility". The man says - woman listening to it decides - he does one of them - indicates another - subordinate. This is certainly good, but only at first glance. Disagreements may begin because of different views on life. If you are already familiar to someone and suddenly realize that your second half is not quite compatible with you, do not worry! The identity of any nature can get along with each other if they know the quality of each other, and secondly if they just decide what... Continue reading
Posted Jul 26, 2016 at World China Bridges
Or you can open your store or restaurant. Of course, then have to pay the rent, advertising and insurance However, there is a business system combining the reliability of the franchise and the freedom of an independent contractor, no bosses, employees and larger investments. This system is already used by companies such as Citigroup, Prodigy, gte, Mattell, ibm, Sprint, mci,, and What new trends in business use these companies, which do not know you? What makes these companies are essentially pushed the traditional market, and what new forms of distribution are they using? They use a new business model called 'virtual Franchising '. Some people call it 'network marketing' or 'advisory marketing', others call it 'marketing liaison' or 'marketing from person to person,' or even 'viral marketing'. Call it like want, but the fact is that this business model annually brings $ 23 billion in the U.S. only. It's a business power of the word. Many companies have long realized that the best way to promote the product on the market - is the power of words. and Now they are willing to pay you for it. As the owner of a virtual franchise, you can market the products and services to existing companies and get a commission. Instead of investing millions of dollars in advertising, office rent and distribution of goods, these companies pay millions of virtual franchise owners, that is the same for people like you. Many of these companies have existed for more than 50 years. Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2016 at World China Bridges
True customer loyalty is, if consumers and businesses really get know Wuppertal/Darmstadt, 25.01.2013 - dialog agents leave experience exemplary dialogue. And even permanently and sustainably. On the this year's Handelswerbekongress and the loyalty the dialog marketing specialists from Wuppertal Congress in Darmstadt show effective and transparent solutions for a dialog-based and authentic communication with the customers of tomorrow. On February 20 and 21, the German of Handelswerbekongress and the loyalty opens Congress 2013 in the Maritime Conference Hotel Darmstadt its doors. As a top sponsor them - dialog agents. In addition to lectures and actions by numerous experts and top decision makers from politics and commerce, which will lead to dialog agents this year, as a credible communication between customer and company is achieved and how it a permanent and sustainable customer loyalty is made. Business speed dating (Wednesday, 20 February, 18 h 45) open the dialog agents the space and the time for valuable business contacts. In just 45 minutes you experience Networking- and with top decision-makers and experts from politics and commerce. This year's theme of CEO Sven Bruck is therefore: knowledge is silver, gold is dialog. In a sample dialog he introduces dialog agent how loyalty is, if consumers and businesses really know. The lecture starts at 12 h 45 on the second day of the Congress (Thursday, 21 February) and ends after a q & a discussion board with a break for lunch, in which continue the initiated dialogues and other business contacts can be intensified. At stand no. 4 you have always an open ear dialog agent. Details of the Agency the agents of dialog: the dialog agent (, a full-service agency for dialog marketing from Wuppertal, are successfully for over twenty years in consulting, customer loyalty, campaigns - and data management. Since 2010 is... Continue reading
Posted Jul 5, 2016 at World China Bridges
Because of the inability to sell the apartment at a reasonable price during the crisis of 2009, investors turned to real estate rental market. Many decided until prices return to previous levels, rent an apartment to rent for long period, or to earn income by renting apartments or even hourly rental. The point is, however, although at first glance quite simple, requires a certain amount of effort and entrepreneurial skills. Like any other kind of business. Without good advertising is hard to find new customers and without high-quality service - a loyal, regular customers and recommendations, which will come new customers who then in turn can result in more new customers. The market of mini-hotels and private landlords began to arrive with more new members. In response to this has stimulated growth in the number of advertising platforms, where the apartments are presented with detailed descriptions and photos. Just three years ago in Chelyabinsk, this niche was practically free. Now the Internet more than 20 sites in Chelyabinsk. Even the major web-developers began to open new projects advertisement apartments not only for Chelyabinsk, but also in other Russian cities. From a consumer perspective, a new kind of hotel services - domestic hotels, as is sometimes called the apartments are to have certain advantages over conventional hotels: - The price of daily rent is lower than the same room. The cost of renting a private apartment depends on the number of rooms, comfort and location in the city. Than closer to the center, the more expensive. - Went on missions - an opportunity to pick up a temporary housing closer to work. Typically, landlords can provide business traveler, required reporting documents. - Wachter on the floor and admission is missing, you can invite a guest at a later time. Almost the... Continue reading
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Acrylic primer is not lit, do not have on the body of a negative impact, penetrates the surface to be painted, giving it the necessary smoothness at the same time disinfect the surface and remove all fungal damage. Acrylic primer is applied to any surface, from concrete, wood and drywall finishing. It can be used as for interior and exterior decorating. This type of primer is ideally suited for the application of acrylic, latex and water-based paints, fillers and various textured surfaces. Acrylic primer is not diluted with water to prevent fungal diseases is applied in a single layer on a dry surface. If you want to treat already infected surface, then its pre-cleaned to remove residues and then with the help of fungi stiff brush, then treated with a solution in any way and thoroughly dried for at least twelve hours. After completing these preparatory works can be applied paint. Performing cosmetic repairs, the interior is best to paint water-based paints. They can be used when applied to any surface. Water based dyes are not toxic, easily diluted with water, dries quickly. Decorating the walls of farmhouse is carried out using porous materials, dyeing which recommended using water-based dyes and the moisture of which are partially absorbed by the painted material on the surface creating a film that has sufficient strength and breathability. You should not use water-based dyes on metal surfaces, it can cause oxidation of the metal. Make cosmetic repairs of water-based dyes with a very convenient: you can use different color shades, changing the paint color with organic dyes. Redecorating the bathroom rooms should be performed using dyes containing fungicides and algaecides, the use of which prevents the spread of mold. It should be remembered that the bathroom because of the constant high humidity most likely... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2016 at World China Bridges
Municipal secretary of Recife Specialization in Clinical Psychology Hospital Specialization in Mental Health (attending a course), FAFIRE. Course of Extension for managers of the SUS in Promotion of the Health (attending a course), UnB-CAD GLAUCE JANE OF OLIVEIRA Social Assistant of the NASF? City department of Recife Specialization in Mental Health (attending a course), FAFIRE Course of Extension for managers of the SUS in Promotion of the Health (attending a course), UnB-CAD SUMMARY the Health department created the Nuclei of Support to the Health of Famlia (NASF), by means of Portaria GM n 154, of 24 of January of 2008, whose purpose is to support and to extend the actions of the Teams of Health of Famlia (ESF) in the qualification of the care in health, from the process of territorializao and regionalizao. You may find that Gold Star can contribute to your knowledge. The priority is the shared attendance and to interdisciplinar, making possible the mutual exchange to know, qualification and responsibilities. Ahead of this, this article aims at to share as it comes being developed the work of the NASF (Recife-Foot, Sanitary District III), in the community, through the story of experience of the family Hisses, as well as, to make the co-relation of this practical with the theory. The Family Hisses, is composed for seven members. Two adults, an adolescent and four children. Currently, as much the genitora how much the friend meets dismissed. The adolescent is using of multiple drugs and has three years without studying. One of the children temporarily was moved away from the school for aggression history the professors, employees, pupils and depredation of the physical structure of the school. Two children are studying and receive the benefit Stock market School from these children, being this the main source of income of the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2016 at World China Bridges
I believe to be bigger frustration of a human being the fact of it to have that to prove its character the people who do not know it. To transfer itself for what it is not, is something half that constrangedor, and with certainty many of us already we pass therefore or we will go to pass one day. Add to your understanding with Obama Care. All frustraram and will frustraro to others one day. We are imperfect, however the worse form of constaint is that one where if paid for what it did not make. Frustrating not? Nobody can please outrem it to 100%. Neither to make with that they believe 100% it. The inconformismo of the human being is so great that it does not leave it to be pleased with obvious answers and clear when they justify from that it suffered, or that it practised, as for example: Somebody hurts it going for the work. We can have two reactions in relation to the occurrence. The first one: satisfaction for not having to go to work in that day. Second. Distrust, fear to transfer itself for liar (a). Of that it forms I have of speaking so that the responsible person for me really believes that I am speaking really? I speak with sadness tone? I speak normally and I place until a smile in the voice to say that I hurt myself, but is all good? Guilt or joy? Who really is worried about responsibility and honesty, is worried about its behavior in any circumstance of its life. Either in the job, either sailing in the Internet, either in its relationship with any classroom of people, etc. But what really to make so that they believe in what we speak? So that our actions are considered... Continue reading
Posted Mar 20, 2016 at World China Bridges
The content of the theory of Freud, the substitution of individual narcissism for identification with the image of the leaders, points in the direction what it could be called oppressors. ' ' The emancipation of the man of the heternomo domain of its unconscious one, would be equivalent to the abolition in the opposing direction, for the perpetuation of the potential freedom, for the expropriation of the unconscious one for the social control instead of becoming the conscientious citizens of its inconscientes' '. Then, analyzing now for the source of the leader. What it takes a common man to want in such a way, to search (probably as all its forces and to arrive so far? Who knows the same and then cited narcissism, to love itself through the other. The other nothing more is that a source of love and admiration directed toward he himself. ' ' The other is the way, I is fim' '. It is necessarily the idealizao of itself exactly that the leader fascist tries to promote in its followers. The people with which it has that to count generally they suffer of modern conflict and characteristic I strong enter an instance of rational and auto preservadora developed, and the failure continuous in satisfying the demands of its proper I. ' ' This conflict results in strong narcisistas impulses that only can be absorbed and satisfied by the idealizao while partial carry of the narcisista libido for the object. In order to allow to the narcisista identification, the leader it has that to appear as absolutely narcisista, and is of this insight that Freud drift the picture of? primitive father of horda' ' which could equally be Squid. Seeming as a superman the leader must at the same time carry through the miracle to appear... Continue reading
Posted Mar 7, 2016 at World China Bridges
Do you want to explore and discover the wonders that Croatia has to offer on board a schooner? Then join this adventure, enjoy a cruise by the Adriatic Sea on Board of an incredible and classic schooner. Be part of the unique experience while enjoying the scenery and the natural environment of Croatia. Nothing in the spectacular blue, crystalline waters and get in touch with the vestiges of ancient civilizations which occupied Croatian islands. Witness the stunning and hidden bays as well as visits the warm and beautiful villages. There is a large amount of destinations and itineraries that will allow you to choose according to your tastes and time you want to spend aboard the schooner, if you're simply looking for a few days of relaxation, away from the routine or if instead, you're looking to spend an unforgettable moment aboard a cruise with your family or friends. Needless to clarify that the crew aboard the schooner, will do everything within its power to give you the best care while you are aboard the schooner and during the cruise by Croatia. Continue reading
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The emergence of holistic education is rooted in the need of the human being to transcend, to reach more found in the simple way of living, that need to discover your very nature, of your relentless pursuit toward the spiritual. Prior to this, our paradigm locked us up in a short, limited knowledge, in a conception of the world in terms only of fragmentation and systematic processes, and irregular objectives. But there is something even more fundamental that makes something special holistic education, something that manifests itself in all levels of human consciousness; holistic education is transdisciplinary, i.e. integrates total way, not only the scientific disciplines, but all those aspects that surround the human being and that they have always been part of the culture, arts, traditions, literature, etc., resulting in a global knowledge integration, this makes our vision of life, change completely. Holistic education uses a perspective multilevel multidimension to develop a model oriented to the integration of different levels and dimensions of the educational experience. Defines five levels of all I believe that mandatory so we must begin to talk about what is spirituality, because this is the basis of education for the 21st century. We will be brief in the description of it, more than anything the aim is to have an ideageneral of this concept. The holistic paradigm can not related to religious beliefs, dogmas or rituals. Religion, as dogmatic and manipulative institution of the ideologies of human groups, has no place in the holistic vision. For its part, spirituality is something that we cannot deny, is the consciousness of ourselves within the world and the universe, is the essential nature of the human being, which is capable of perceiving it beyond belief, dogmas and institutions. The perennial philosophy tells us that our essence is pure... Continue reading
Posted Jun 4, 2014 at World China Bridges
Normally the word cava is associated with cold Cellars or rooms under land built to preserve and nurture the wines. However, cava also refers to a renowned sparkling wine produced in the region of Catalonia in Spain. This wine is prepared to base other than the conventional wine fermentation call very traditional in the Spanish market and its sale increases in times of celebration as Christmas. Globalization, the search for other markets and the popularity of Spanish cuisine in the world have been instrumental in the success of the sales of Cava to the wholesale outside the Spanish market. The cava wine is made from the traditional fermentation of the wine but characterized by its subjection to a second fermentation of the sugars in the wine itself. This process is done subsequently to the bottling of the wine, producing carbon dioxide gas that allows to be released as the champagne foam. The difference between champagne and cava wine lies in the first consists of varieties of grapes as the parellada, macabeo and xarel originating in Penedes in Catalonia, but also cultivated in La Rioja, Valencia, Navarra, Aragon, etc. In the case of the distribution of cellars to the wholesale, the ageing time must exceed nine months. Thus the reserve wines must be aged for more than 15 months and those of the large reserve must have over 30 months. Similarly, the cava wines can be classified according to the amount of added sugar to the expedition liqueur, from sweet, semi-dry, dry up extra-dry and brut. The cava wine production has been exponential in recent years due to low prices and the exploration of new foreign markets, becoming the sparkling wine of increased global consumption and knocking down your competition, champagne. Sales of Cava to the wholesale has become consolidated... Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2014 at World China Bridges
Name the characteristics that the emerging society takes, according to various authors, focused from the holistic education vision. In the spirit of education exhibits that the Declaration of the main points of holistic education. Starts with the four levels of the Kosmos, speaks of 4 levels of complexity growing, intensely important to understanding evolution on the planet, evolution human and especially evolution of consciousness, societies, cultures, from the nature and relations human with your environment, it is clear the holarquico process, totalities/part, avoiding confuse pre-modernity, modernity and transmodernity, clearly defines, avoiding bad misunderstandings, thinking pre-modern, modern, postmodern, transmodern; giving to an evolutionary historical framework of tradition and mark the direction of the development of holistic education vision process. The need for the start of a new evolutionary concept, carrying this above process tracking the confusion, fragmentation and human errors in your walking through the world. The holarquica of the kosmos and spirituality evolution arises naturally as the Center and at the same time part of this proposed holistic education, which enables the integration of plurality, creating new epistemological relationships, methodologies, representations, as a model multilevel multidimension integrating consistent dimensions and levels of reality, giving us a global picture of the educational proposal. The base of the pyramid is the spirituality he exhibits in depth as this is, what is it confused, what is not and its importance in the learning process, as it is that it provides integrity, diversity and flexibility in this walk educational and It is forming, at the same time that the individual enters the self a new shape acquiring and transmitting knowledge, respects and recognizes different learning styles and multiple intelligences, suitable for a society espiritual-sustentable, transparent, organized in terms of multinivel-multidimension, and in holistas of learning communities. The principles, models, etc., that determines education holistic... Continue reading
Posted May 21, 2014 at World China Bridges
Which will be the tendency of dollar 10 Julio 2009 Again we put to the dollar in center of the debate. The controversy around its possible continuity towards the loss in a medium one in the long term in front of the main currencies, stays in center of the debate. So far, the recovery of the appetite by has taken it to the risk to be debilitated against the Euro and to be located in the closing of yesterday in US$ 1.4025 by unit of European currency. He will be advisable to bet against the dollar in the medium term? The aversion to the risk that the investors have experimented at the tensest moments of international the financial crisis has been without doubts the main ally of the American currency. This behavior of the global investor has been a clear signal that still it trusts the dollar like strong currency. This situation of a dollar fortifying itself in a scene of deep crisis originated by the own American financial system in an economy of terrible deficits fiscal and external in continuous growth that has been lived during the last year, has represented a beside the point contradictory fact. The explanations did not abound logics with why the investors trusted (and now also) the currency of a country then that was virtually on the brink of madness the precipice. Certainly it does not seem a rational decision. The confidence that has generated during decades the dollar, without doubts has maintained in spite of everything, in this critical period. Perhaps also he was implicit wanting to avoid his fall not to colapsar next to him given the high exhibition that the world has in front of the American currency. Nevertheless, this confidence has been begun to debilitate and treasons have been observed... Continue reading
Posted May 13, 2014 at World China Bridges
Mari-ivon wrote (a): Mr. Sergey I My question is 'far away'. Read your new book about Georgia it explicitly clear remark. What happens to your mind: first, the crisis, now we are here in Europe fear that the other day because of Russia and Ukraine will not heat, that is, gas And it already looks like the beginning of panic I'd love to hear your opinion or analysis on a more global processes, which then begin to deal with every Perhaps it is not just a remark about Georgia - it is a statement of fact. I was hoping that the hint will be clearly understood, and that it will launch a chain of intelligence that will happen next - after the invasion of Ossetia and the answer to this is Russia. I mean not just Georgia-Russia relations and the impact of this conflict on all processes of the global community. But apparently, it is necessary to explain. First you need to say that the unit "a beggar" can refer not only to man but also the organization and even the country. That is what we have in this case. Accordingly, all other countries also act as "units" - a person. It is clear that appeared, some poor and infect others, potential "poor", it activates. What happened. Georgia manifested as "academic" example of a beggar - strictly by the book. And start the process. After her "forced into peace," went the game. "Chips" became so. Georgia, Ukraine, United States, possibly Poland - it is poor at different levels. Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2014 at World China Bridges
That day in the year 1616 died Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. The date also points out the birth or death of eminent writers as Maurice Druon, k. Laxness, Vladimir Nabokov, Josep Pla and Manuel Mejia Vallejo. This is the reason why, this very symbolic date for world literature has been chosen by UNESCO with the aim of a global tribute to the book and its authors, and encourage, particularly among the young, the pleasure of reading and respect the irreplaceable contribution of creators to the social and cultural progress. The idea of this celebration originated in Catalonia where coincides with the day of Sant Jordi and it is tradition to offer a rose with the purchase of a book. In all the book day Spain held on April 23 since 1926 and UNESCO has internationalized it in 1996. To celebrate this day around the world, UNESCO strives to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property through copyright. New technologies far end books, joined in the promotion of reading with new products such as electronic books or the possibility of using the Nintendo DS portable reader cone. This year it will be recalled with emotion two great writers who have left us recently, Miguel Delibes and J.D. Salinger, whose books are among the best sales due to the amount of readers who were interested in his works as a tribute. From here we wish you a happy day of the book and whatever your favorite genre, happy reading! Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2014 at World China Bridges
Tell us where you want to go VictoriCars you looking for the car. From the month of March, VictoriCars allows the reservation of car rentals anywhere in the world. VictoriCars has carried out an important modification in your booking engine including the possibility of offering a service of car hire in Madrid, car rental in Mallorca, Ibiza, Canaries and all possible destinations within the national panorama. But, in addition, it will also be possible to find more economical car, through its reservation system, in any part of Europe: car hire in Paris, London, Rome or Berlin rental cars and if the customer needs it, Victoria can also search for them a rental car on the other side of the pond, offering service of car hire in USAcar rental in Cuba, Mexico, Santo Domingo or any destination in South America. And it does not stop at these destinations. The company has reached important agreements with suppliers on the international scene in order to provide a service of cars of rental economic and quality anywhere in the world - says Teresa Martinez, head of communications for car hire Victoria. We arrived where the customer wishes to travel, including destinations in recent growth as Egypt, Tunisia we are looking for a rental car in Thailand, the India or China in short, our new destinations offering is so broad that a priori we put the limit where the customer puts it. Changes to the tool of reserves to be able to withstand all these new destinations, the company has had to redesign its booking tool. Using the latter, within the tourism sector, has launched a system capable of connecting to VictoriCars with providers spread globally in order to find the possible cheapest car within the destination selected by the client. The user the only... Continue reading
Posted Apr 23, 2014 at World China Bridges
Almost all the emissions are in the form of methane (3,3 Gt) and nitrogen oxide (2,8 Gt). About two thirds of the global methane emissions and the majority of nitrogen oxide emissions come from Tmese agriculture in account indicates Austen, that there is a multitude of processes that compose the system of feeding in the world and which they require of energy to work: culture of foods, storage, transport, processing, transformation and packing, distribution, sale and treatment of the wastes. The manufacture of the majority of the agricultural consumptions (fertilizing, pesticides, weed killers, drugs) are done processing combustible fossils like raw material (the natural gas to produce nitrogen fertilizer and petroleum to produce pesticides). From the denominated Green Revolution in the Sixties, the water and use agro-chemical for irrigation increased tremendously. Tmese in account, that the industrial system of feeding, employee in extreme fossil fuel degree, is responsible for an enormous amount of gases with greenhouse effect. One calculates that one third part of the global emissions of these can be attributed to the system nourishing global. Nevertheless, many different forms exist to feed itself that they have different power consumptions and therefore gas discharges with greenhouse effect. The most basic and traditional forms of food production as the agriculture of displacement and the hunting and harvesting, much less consume energy that the one that is obtained. The most modern methods as bovine intensive and the industrial fishing they are very inefficient in his power consumption, and sometimes consume up to 15 to 20 times more energy than what it is obtained in the form of food. The smaller doubt does not fit, indicates Austen, that the power consumption of the nourishing system of the industrialized country more of the planet, the United States, has increased enormously in the last... Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2014 at World China Bridges
The UN spoke in 2005 of 191 million people. It is one of every 40 inhabitants of the underdeveloped world. At the moment are restrictive rules which prevail. Some move with relative safety, but others have none. Some do it by civil wars, political persecution and more for economic reasons. Europe is It protects with an agency for the protection of the external borders. Some countries make efforts to regularize illegal aliens, other United States case - are discussed in a never-ending bid to find a solution. Good part of these citizens who change their residence live in dismal conditions, under constant violations of their human rights. He exaggerates about the percentages of migratory flow and exaggerates about illegality and criminality and exaggerates the competition in the labour market, because much of those citizens perform jobs that people in the developed world no longer wants for himself. This migratory population is generally affected by discrimination, coercion to assimilation and other procedures which leads to a movement of defence against the pretensions of assimilation. It is necessary to remember that the various flows (objects, people, images and discourses) are not converging and have different speeds and different relationships. Certainly, those who migrate changes not only in their destination but also in their place of origin. We are dealing with a complex, neither single nor original process, but now we must measure the terms of globalization. It is necessary to admit that new identities are constructed through a systematic transgression. We must talk about cultural hybridization. It is difficult to understand what changes and the way how to do. We are in what will be a long process and multifaceted one irreducible to simplistic categories. Perhaps the word glocalization (of globalization and localization) the most appropriate this entanglement that we are witnessing.... Continue reading
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Chaotic, because we have a hypersensitive to the variations system, even though they are small, which indicates that the chaos underlies that paradoxically leads to the conclusion that it is not in a mess but before the genesis of an order. The complexity increases the chance of a given organization that happens to reside the emerging creativity, so that there is no possibility of repetition of mimicry or cloning, since the fractalizarse society generates a creative iteration in the local. In other words, the thesis of the single thought is an a loss left trasnocho. The global context, per, requires multiple voices. The thesis of the single thought proposes that this should be imposed, since it is not generated spontaneously. The question is: how imposing it on an increasingly complex society? We are still at the stage of technological advancement. Munne reminds us that just we are entering in change of intangible culture, what I've dubbed the slowness in the advancement of the ideas. The market does not establish traditions because in essence is derived from an obsolescence, as neither can create societal links or engender social innovation. The image of the MacDonald at each corner would lead us to ask, for example, that ingredients or seasonings or adaptations suffers from hamburger to suit Indian taste in that venue in the Centre of New Delhi. The presence of that establishment in the India is that indicated the existence of a transnational company that sells certain types of food, not a construction of senses. Which ensures human progress is a dialectic of cultures. This global navigation of goods has, therefore, a limited effect, but within that limitation edit behaviors, as we have noted, from the workplace to the manner of exercising it, since changes in the old family until changes in... Continue reading
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It's that there is no debate between the parties, but that the differences will be resolved through dialogue, since through dialogue is allowed that a community can generate, produce shared meanings. Already should not be policy confrontations with people, you need a holistic dialogue-based politics, the democratic relationship and valuing diversity. Roger Stack (President of the network of educators Holistas of Tasmania, Australia) converses with Dr. Gallegos on the topic of holistic education and the global perspective. In Tasmania, holistic education is already a great movement, since there are approximately 200 graduate students, furthermore the educators holistas working in a group associated with the Association of curricular studies of Australia; that even if they don't know where they are going have the same perspective of holistic education, since they consider how important principal as caring, compassion, adaptability values. It is very important to consider the concept of education holistic and thus strengthen its own identity, generate an integrity in the community of educators holistas, using the same language and to build together a new education and a new world. In Mexico there is a clear spiritual perspective and may have something common between Mexico and Australia. Dialogue with Rachael Keesler (Director of the Institute for Social and emotional learning) discuss with Dr. Gallegos on inner spirituality. There is no doubt that the basis or the essence of holistic education is spirituality. It regards as individualistic holism, although in reality the genuine spirituality makes us universal. Spirituality makes us more compassionate, universal and social. Dr. Gallegos believes that There are three major spiritual paths: the path of knowledge, the path of devotion and the path of the action. Keesler has helped teachers to learn how to understand and accept your own shadow so that they can have compassion and openness to... Continue reading
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The opposite in the way of production and consumption of still effective the economic development, the model of sustainable development consists of satisfying the necessities gifts, without compromising the capacity of the future generations to supply its proper necessities, generating wealth and well-being with the climatic changes are one of the most complex, multifaceted and serious threats that the world faces. The reply to this threat she is on, basically, to the concerns with the sustainable development and a world just; with the vulnerability and the resilience; economy, reduction of the poverty and society; with the world that we want to leave for our children We cannot continue in this direction for much time. We cannot continue in this standard. The time arrived for a decisive action, in global scale (Ban, 2007 apud UNEP, 2008, p.31). Yes, we can and need Beyond the diverse ambient problems and from the challenges to guarantee the availability of natural resources, to respect limits of the biosfera and to reduce the poverty, the world suffers two great threats in the present time, that are the global heating and the world-wide crisis of the economy. > current crisis in the economy increases the importance to acquire knowledge the population to pressure the elites leading to count, definitively, with environment as ally and more the opposite, as it has been, not to exaurir it as to an enemy. The technological progress decides problems of the environment, but it is not enough, she is necessary to invest in the awareness of all the sectors the world-wide society to revitalize the fabric social and to recriar bows of harmonic interaction with the corporeal properties. ' ' The efficient use of the land, water, energy and other natural resources assists in sustainable ways of life, it becomes the companies... Continue reading
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