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Episode 414 was one of my favorite episodes of Eureka. It was packed full of the little quirks, great humor, Carter flipping out, and suspense that make Eureka one of the best shows on television. I absolutely loved it!
I usually take reviews from review sites, not with one, but many grains of salt.
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Thanks for spreading the word! I was diagnosed with celiac about 10 years ago. For me, the worst part about the disease isn't avoiding gluten, or even explaining my restrictions to ignorant people; it's bread. Gluten free bread, or at least all the breads that I've encountered, must be toasted or microwaved to make them bearable. I'm about to depth-first traverse all the links you posted looking for bread recipes. The more people know about celiac, the more people will find out they have it, and the more quickly someone will come up with a treatment other than diet!
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Mar 2, 2011