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Yeah I can just picture a young Huck Fin type character shipping school in the thirties and go fishing from the middle of the bridge instead. Norman Rockwell, I am sure, must have one of these in a painting somewhere.
For a second there I thought Arnie had taken over your blog. I recognized the language but had doubts about the spelling and grammer.
Bridges like that would just make me stand there in awe. My mind would be racing with what kind of history this bridge has been through. Just think of the range of modes of transportation that have travelled across this bridge.
Scaled down?? What did they do after finishing cleaning up after a meal, start preparing the next? As far as beer for rednecks, beers #6 and up are for rednecks but the first few are alright.
Wow, what a meal!! You guys sure know how to set an impressive spread, you can't even sit back and say "you know what's missing". Wait, was there any beer?
Hi A, I hope I got this thing figured out. Quite impressed with the photos of the food, are you in some high end shop? So how politically correct do I have to be on this as I sure would hate to cause problems?
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Apr 25, 2010