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I don't understand some of you guys, both FIU and UM posters. This is sports. Hopefully, this will end up being a rivalry. What do you expect is going to happen between two schools who share the same city and resources? No, this is not going to be a rivalry along the lines of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson in the eighties, where they were best friends on and off the court. This will be -- I really hope, at least -- a nasty rivalry, a UF/FSU, USC/UCLA, Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns/Sugar Ray Leonard type of rivalry, where they fight their hearts out just to be able to say they won. I don't understand what you guys want. Handshakes and hugs at the end of the game? I don't. I'll call UM UCG for the rest of my life. And, in turn, I expect to hear all sorts of things about FIU that I won't like. It's a part of college football. Deal with it. Learn to like it. It'll be a lot easier on you. In regards to what took so long for our program to get started, how is that relevant? Yes, UCG started their program a year after the university was founded, but they didn't become relevant until the eighties, nearly sixty years after the fact. UCG only played eight bowl games before the eighties, not winning their first until 1946 (20 years after inception). The way I see it, you guys have to wait another fifty some odd years before you can really say anything regarding our program. And God help UCG if we become relevant in Rutgers type fashion within the next five or so years. At that point, UCG really won't have much to say, and they'll have to eat their words in a big way. And regarding the way every UM poster seems to hate MC now, I just find it funny. When the probability of his hire was just a rumor, every UCG board was clamoring with UCGers praying that he wouldn't leave. Now, it's the completely opposite. Like I said: it's college football, and I love it.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2007 on Mario Cristobal Q & A Part 5 at FIU Panthers Prowl
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