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It is known as the "death stare". When Muslims begin to practice their faith more religiously and follow the Jihad, they embrace death more than they embrace life. This is why you see the creepy stare from Jihadists.
American Mohammad, Sure lets see who is behind the forces opposing SB1360. Here are a few to get you started. Ahmed Bedier - CAIR - Hassan Shibly - Executive Director of CAIR Tampa who has expressed support for Hamas and Hezbollah.
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American Mohammad, Nice and groovy response but it falls on its face for several reasons. There are already measures being instituted in various organizations to curb free speech. The same First Amendment that protects your right to practice your religion also protects my rights to mock Mohammad as a pedophile mass murderer. According to the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) which consists of 57 Islamic countries, I am not allowed to defame or mock Mohammad or I face the consequences. People in the UK are already facing this as this article illustrates This is due to the 16/17 Resolution which has been called the "Blasphemy" Resolution. Second is that the First Amendment does protect your freedom to practice your religion. But as many have found out already, there are limits. Anything you want to do within your religion must also be legal by US Court Laws. Mormons cannot practice Polygamy as US Laws do now allow it. Satanic worshippers are free to practice their religion but still cannot kill people without facing punishments in the US Court System. By the same token, muslims cannot practice gender discrimination, polygamy, pedophilia, wife beatings, amputations, hangings, bigotry and racism even though their religion permits it. As long as they follow US Laws while practicing their religion, then they have no problems from me. As we have seen from recent court case in PA, I suspect there will be plenty of problems. Judge Mark Martin claimed the defendant in a court case who assaulted someone for portraying "Zombie Mohammad" was innocent despite video evidence and police eyewitness statement. The defendant was released because "according to Muslim laws, the man would be free to assault the defamation (ie Freedom of Speech) of Islam.
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If the case in Pennsylvania that was judged by Mark Martin is any indication of how Muslim Judges will rule in court, then they should be prevent from doing so. This judge should be impeached and disbarred for his handling of this case. This is a travesty of justice.
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AnishD Why are you bringing Jews into this discussion? I am aware that Ahmed Bedier stated in his memo that this would affect both Muslims and Jews. This is patently false. Many Jewish and Christian religious rulings are strictly civil matters. Islamic Laws are completely different. Shariah Law applies to both Muslim and Non-Muslim making these laws obligatory even for those who do not follow Islam. They deal with all range of matters from Civil to Criminal, even down to the way you wipe your butt or which hand you wipe it with. This is the reality of Shariah Law. To be honest, I am not all that crazy about ANY religious laws being used in our Court System, PERIOD!! I think they should be heavily discouraged and have everyone follow US Constitutional Law. It is the Law of the land and should be followed by ALL US citizens. AnishD, You are correct in that you don't have to "prove" your citizenship, but you DO have to follow US Constitutional Law. Apparently you fail to understand this vital fact. You can come to the US and be a Muslim, provided that you follow US Constitutional Law. This means you can't practice gender discrimination, polygamy, wife beatings, amputations, hangings, bigotry and racism and many other things that Muslims are so fond of in the Middle East.
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Infidels according to the Quran are those who do not believe in Islam. Even if you are a person "of the book" (IE a Christian or Jew) Muslims consider you to be an Infidel. Why do I think that? Any Muslim I have talked to has said that Christians who believe Jesus is the son of God is corrupted. They believe in Monotheism. So unless you are a fruitcake like the Westboro Baptists Christians, you are still considered to be an infidel even if you are a card carrying Christian. Same for Jews. Muslims claim Jews have corrupted the Torah. Think about this and think about why Countries have very low population of other religions. Saudi Arabia has very few if any churches. Same goes for Egypt, Iran and any other Muslim majority Islamic country. There is very little tolerance of other religions in those countries and 1.4 billion Muslims seem hell bent on annihilating 16 million jews. An Obscene obsession if I might add. You said "there are numerous religions in practice in America today that through personal misinterpretation call for the slaughter of non believers, and it takes only one mentally ill individual to practice this, or encourage followers to act upon his behalf, to discredit religion for everyone." Really? What religions besides the obvious one of Islam advocate killing non believers? Which religion today other than Islam STILL has its members declaring death fatwas on disbelievers. I'd be hard pressed to find any other religions that do this today. Christians? Nope. Jews? Nope. Buddhists? Nope, Hindus? still Nope. I can't find any who are advocating that. Please show me current examples today. None of these religions declare fatwas with its members following through. If "Sharia extremists have mental illness" please prove it. All I see is they are following the Quran as Mohammad did in the 7th century. This is not just Al Queda and the Taliban, but many various different organizations from other countries. If it was just one small group of fanatics I might buy your theory and initially I did after 9/11. But we are WAY past that now my friend. We have seen many various groups across the whole wide Muslim world who advocate Sharia law, re-emergence of the Caliphate and submission of the Western world as Islam advances its imperialistic agenda.
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Any posters who find themselves in agreement with Ron Paul and especially when he states “After 9/11, (people said) ‘Oh yeah, it’s those very bad people who hate us,’ but 15 of (the hijackers) came from Saudi Arabia,” said Paul. “One of the reasons they attacked us, is we propped up this Sharia government and the fundamentalists hated us for it.” Needs to have their heads examined. They are seriously deluded as to why these 19 men attacked those towers on Sept. 11th.
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Sharia law has already taken root in America. Please open your eyes. In my own city, a Judge has allowed the use of Sharia law in a mediation dispute between two Islamic parties. One side never agreed to Sharia Law as the form of mediation. The judge simply decided on his own to allow it to be used. This is disgusting and opens the door for Muslims to try more Sharia crap in our court systems. I am of the opinion that NO religious laws should be accepted by any US court system. If two parties can't abide or agree to a dispute by a religious law set IN PRIVATE, then it should default to US court system. Once any case touches a US court system, any previous rulings by a religuous order should be null and void with the case tried by US law. Without even mentioning this kind of cases, you also have Sharia law by scare tactics. In my city once again, another case has drawn prominent attention. A Muslim woman was killed by her family. The M.E. claimed it was a suicide... BY COFFEE Table. Can it be anymore ludicrous? How the hell can someone kill themselves by pummeling their own head into a coffee table? Anyone with an ounce of brain matter would dispute that finding on the spot. Instead the M.E. has admitted to being scared about retaliations by Muslims if they re-open the case. So not only are sharia laws already being applied in US Court, but our own Justice system claims to be scared shitless of potential Muslim threats against their lives. And you have the gall to tell us we are over reacting?
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Osama has already stated why he attacked. But even in those public statements his reasons are not the true reasons why they attacked us. He posited false political reasons to hide his true nature about what he was doing, waging war against the infidels. His true intention is to rebuild the Caliphate and restore Muslims as the most supreme beings on the planet. In 1998, Osama Bin Ladin declared war on the west. He called upon all Muslims to rise up in Jihad against the United States. He claimed that his reasons had to do with the Palestinian issues and the fact that American "infidels" were on Islamic lands. This is not the whole truth. If you study Wahabbism you know that Salafists or Wahabbists practice a more rigid brand of Islam that follows the Quran, Sira and Hadiths to the letter. They follow Mohammad's laws as they would have been practiced back in the 7th century. They follow Sharia law which will affect both Muslim and non-Muslim people. For a Muslim to be considered a true Muslim, they must follow Sharia law. If they don't, they are considered apostate. This is a problem that our founding fathers did not forsee since there knowledge of Islam and Muslims was only limited to the Quran and other holy texts. They did not have the full knowledge we have today. I have no problems with Muslims practicing religious Islam as long as that is all they do. Problem is those muslims are considered Apostate if they do so.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2011 on Ron Paul Blames US for 911 Attacks at Atlas Shrugs
You claim that we funded and supported Al Queda because we funded and supported Mujihadeen during the 1980's. This is false implication. We have not ever supported Al Queda. We supported Mujihadeen or (holy warriors) in their fight against the Russians in Afghanistan. We have never supported Bin Ladin and he is not a tool of the CIA as many leftists claim. But here's something that puts you in a bind. If you claim that we supported Al Queda because of our support of Mujahideen then you also support our contention that this is merely Jihad in one form or another. If the Mujihadeen (holy warriors of the Jihad) were fighting against aggressors or infidels then they are the same who fight in Al Queda. To be more clear and blunt, the Jihad isn't about a crazy little group of small fanatics, IT IS the army of Jihad, the holy fighters of the religion called Islam. The Jihad has been going on for 1400 years and it will not stop even if we withdraw all our forces from Islamic lands right now. They would still continue to arabize Europe and America making it ripe for takeover by Islamists. Their plan is to rot America from within so they can be freed to destroy Israel.
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@Damian Doyle - I bring your attention to "“We put the spotlight on Awlaki about as brightly as we could, and as brightly as any government agency could,” Zelikow said, adding that he was always surprised the media did not immediately pick up on their suspicions about al-Awlaki’s role when the final 9/11 report was issued in 2004." In other words the media didn't want to bring attention to the fact that their "moderate muslim go-to guy" wasn't really a moderate after all. The media has spent so much time and effort to build up the image of Moderate Muslims that it would be disastrous for them to admit there are no such things. Imam Anwar Al Awlaki was the imam for Dar Al Hijrah Mosque in Northern VA. This Mosque was home to creeps like the Ft. Hood shooter, two 9/11 hijackers and various others who have been caught supporting terrorist groups.
@Deuce Prez 26 Muslims were killed in 9/11 19 of those Muslims were the ones who perpetrated the horrific killings, 7 of those were Muslims who had no part in the violent jihad. That doesn't speak very well of Islam and those who follow the doctrine. If you were to show these numbers as representative of Muslims around the world, it still does not speak well of Muslims and Islam as a whole. Regardless, its hard to find good in the fact that more than 50% of muslims involved in 9/11 were the Terrorists themselves. On a separate note - since the Holy Ramadan started, 121 people have been killed in 50 separate terrorist attacks committed by Muslims. 0 attacks by any other religions, and 0 attacks by anti-muslim right wingers.
Tampa is home to the Southern Regional headquarters of CAIR. It's also home of one former resident - Sami Al Arian who was convicted in a very public trial for supporting Palestinian Jihad group. Other nice facts It is home to the Special Forces Operational Command Center. Before you ask, there have already been several attempts to infiltrate the base by direct means, which have so far failed. Yes, there is also a growing Muslim community with most residing in Temple Terrace area.
Some of those that 572308205 calls "retarded people" include prominent and influential "moderate" Muslims on down to the simple Muslim folk or executioners like; Yusef Al Qaradawi (ranked 9th most influential muslim in the world, watched by 60 Million+ viewers and has advocated genocide against Jews and admired Adolf Hitler for what he did to jews. In Non-arabic speeches advocated and supported Jihad) Siraj Wahhaj (influential american muslim who has supported Hezbollah, Hamas and various other terrorist organizations Ali Goma'a (Taqiyya speaker. During american speeches signals the platitudes of "moderate" muslims but becomes radical during arabic speeches) Mohammad Mahdi Akef, Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Seyyed Hasan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah Imam Anwar Al Awlaki (Dar Al Hijrah Mosque 2000 - 2001) Pvt. Naser Jason Abdo (recently attempted to kill non muslims at Ft. Hood) Nidal Hasan (Ft Hood Shooter) Ramzi Yousef (WTC 1993, attempted assisination of Benizir Bhutto, caught during planning stage of Project Bojinka) Faisal Shahzad (Times Square Bomber) Carlos Bledsoe (killed a US Soldier at military recruiting center) Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (Underwear bomber) Richard Reid (Shoe Bomber) The top portion of the list until Imam Anwar Awalaki are people who have been listed as some of the top most influential Muslims in the world today. They made the list of the top 50. These are Members and leaders of terrorist organizations, advocators of Jihad and genocide etc etc. These are the people 572308205 would have gullible people believe are "retarded people". Nice try
@572308205 If by mixing you mean associating with people who's beliefs are; "Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful." "Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger [Muhammad] have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth [Islam], out of those who have been given the Book [the Bible, given to "the people of the Book," Christian and Jews], until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of [Muslim] superiority and they [Christians and Jews] are in a state of subjection [dhimmitude, i.e., second-class legal status Islamic law mandates for non-Muslims]." I love Muslims but hate Islam. It contains nothing but bigotry and hatred for all who are non-Muslim. As Observer pointed out, its hypocritical for people like you to claim Geller and Spencer as the sole responsibility for Anders actions, while neglecting Naom Chomsky's influence on Islamists. It shows you guys as nothing but huge hypocrits. The main thing responsible for Anders actions are those he stated in his Manifesto. Instead of relying on second hand accounts from shady news organizations who are adverse to the truth, why not read the damn thing for yourself? You are probably too lazy to find out the truth for yourself anyways. Easier for you to be a sheeple.
"PAMELA GELLER NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED, IT IS JUST THAT SIMPLE !" --------------------------- For arresting your liberal sensibilities? Not a good enough reason.
@comodore You said "You guys do realize most of the debt drama was because of the Republicans...just because it's a Democrat in the White House, that doesn't mean he makes all the decisions." --------------- Obama has been in long enough that things he has done or didn't do are having affects on the economy. Spending for Bailouts for banks, car companies, GE, and everything else is starting to add up. Not to mention the new war Obama got us into (Libya remember? and why are we even there?). We still have Afghanistan and Iraq which are winding down but not done. The fact that no one in the business side has an idea of what Obama is planning to do scares the crap out of them. For this reason they are not hiring. Some of Obama's actions thus far have proved he is against businesses so companies are clamping tight on spending and hiring. Truth is, Obama has spent more in the first three months of his presidency than Bush spent in all 8 years with two wars running. The 1.4 trillion dollar check he scared us into is still be spent on things unrelated to the economy. All his political buddies have been paid of and then some. Thats not even to get into those people who hate us that we are giving money to. Pakistan is a prime example. That money should be cut off immediately along with all the other bailouts and funds. We just cannot afford it anymore. People like you just think "Bush's fault, Republican's fault".... sorry Obama and the Democrats have been in control of congress and the white house long enough to take blame.
@ahem Nothing to be alarmed about. The Crescent and Palmetto are symbols of South Carolina "The popular palmetto tree and crescent moon design is a symbol of South Carolina pride. Both the crescent moon and the palmetto played an important part in South Carolina history. The palmetto tree symbolizes the defense of Fort Moultrie from the British in June 1776. Fort Moultrie was built from palmetto tree logs. The crescent moon symbolizes the emblem worn by South Carolina Revolutionary War soldiers." It has been used for many years. I have family that originate from South Carolina so this is a symbol of pride for that state.
If you are going to accuse Pamela of having blood on her hands, then I guess we can accuse you of the same. It's people like you who stand up and say Islam isn't responsible when someone "allahu ackbars" and kills a bunch of people. By your willful ignorance you are allowing these kinds of things to happen so you too have blood on your hands.
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The numbers don't bear truth to your statement. Go away troll
Just like Islam is the blame for every Muslim who commits another atrocity in the name of Islam? The Hypocrisy from you type of people is astounding.
#1 “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation” #2 “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.” ------------------------------ 1.) we never were a "christian" nation. Many of the founding fathers were religious but not Christian. Some were Deists and many were from other faiths other than Christianity. Our country is founded in Judeo-Christian values and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Good Values in general even if you are not a Christian. 2.) See number one again to re-read. Many of us do consider us a Christian Nation because a large part of our population in the US comes from Christian religion. Regardless we are not really a Christian Nation at all, just one with Judeo-Christian values. This means anyone from another religion like Buddhism, JW or any other type of religion can come and practice freely as long as they live within the rules of a Judeo-Christian values.
If you do happen to go up against these types, expect to go all the way. I'm not talking about sex either, just prepare that you may have a bigger fight on your hands then you think. These kind of scum don't blink twice at killing someone just for "dissing" them. So be prepared to fight for your life if you encounter these twisted types.
We can fully expect that Nasar Abdo will quietly disappear after discharge from the service. Where upon he will then be spotted in Yemen giving weapons training to Jihadists who plan to do US soldiers harm. We need to treat this mental illness of PC mindset fast.
Broken arm and a few loose or broken teeth followed by a lawsuit from every person that was on board against TSA and their "negligence".