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Chris Wright
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I tried a todo list application for my personal life. It bugged me about tasks I already knew I had to accomplish until I finally uninstalled the bloody thing. I use a todo list at work. It serves two purposes: to give me a queue of work that I previously thought of (and it's actual useful work, stuff I decided was necessary) so I have stuff to do after the current set of tasks, and to log things I've finished. (I move finished tasks to another section of the file rather than removing them entirely.) My work todo list has about fifteen unaccomplished tasks right now. I wouldn't be able to remember all that, I think, and I'm not going to empty it in the next week. I *can* remember the tasks I'm currently working on, and the next thing I need to work on when I'm almost finished. But that's only two or three things.
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We live in a horribly uncaring universe. Many things can happen that we would rather not, without having anyone to blame. One person's tragedy is no less tragic simply because other people are suffering the same or worse.
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Doc Was, your Nook reads epub books and your Kindle reads mobi books. You can use Calibre or similar software to convert to the appropriate format.
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May 15, 2012