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It's not bad at all. Kept my attention personally, got a good setting, already curious about what hunters are like, and certainly thinking there's more to the girl than we know right now. =) Going to be a cool story; we really do hope you share it with everyone.
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Great slice of life piece here. <3 Reading it to Paula and she was ready to cry. Watching the meteor shower last night, through the webcam they had hooked up with some NASA guys, was definitely a little scary. Staring at Orion from that close, I mean, I ALWAYS liked Orion's belt; it's one of the coolest places to put a telescope view. But looking at it from that viewpoint, and seeing these flares just come out of nowhere, I got a serious pang of vertigo. =( And the was unnerving too. Man, I really hope we're not alone. Wil, I hope someone from a planet way way out there, had their telescope trained on you and your kid and were thinking, "This is what family is all about." =) Peace
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My's full of Smurfs...
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