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Having grown up the son of a landlord, no, focus on what you do best. The pain and suffering of dealing with tenants will never be compensated by the monetary gains, though maybe I was at the wrong end of the equation. (Cleaning up after tenants). I am however, a firm believer in making an offer on property you are interested in. Low ball is good; don't let the broker tell you it's insulting. My wife and I halved the asking price of the house we are in; I knew they could never sell it the way it was, except to somebody like me, and all of the problems were surface. Mike, make an offer based on where you are now, don't take any BS from agent, their job is to present offers, and don't worry, let them counter. It is possible to insult sellers, but again, the agent needs to do something for their commissinon, convince the sellers this is a serious offer based on your position, not an insult!!! We remodeled, but we are 1 mile from my wife's museum, and 50 feet from my studio, (though there are zombie raccoons and snow drifts), and we like our home. We can fit a lot of kids in here. It just sounds as if the other house is better; and don't hesitate to let everybody involved know your situation; it might be a factor.
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It did make me smile, though it was more at the distinguished linguist acknowledging that a living language trumps him.
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First "real" camera, Nikon F, 50 F1.4, black, 1968, built like a tank, heavy like a tank, even sounded like a tank .... no wait, .... Canon S110, small, fits in pocket, almost silent, shoots in available darkness, and is usually with me. Like it a lot! 8-)
Kinda late, but ... Chandler, Stout, Richard Stark, and amongst contemporary crime authors, John Sandford, AKA John Camp.
Thanks Ctein, and a John Sandford/Ctein novel; I'm intrigued.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2014 on Ch-Ch-Changes at The Online Photographer
I've manfully controlled myself, no snark, but sometimes an image just is ... to alter something the painter, Edward Hopper said, "If I could say it, I wouldn't need to photograph it". Nice discussion, but sometimes words get in the way of what is a visual medium.
Having been a self employed artist/craftsman for most of my adult life, the reality is that it can be a difficult lifestyle. After a long, hard day, you have the luxury of sitting down and having a good worry. Recalcitrant materials, bone head blunders, insane customer demands, and fast approaching deadlines can all lead to more than a few “all-nighters” sometimes double “all-nighters”. Not to mention the bandages and blood, aching knees, sore feet, and late bills, because the check that’s in the mail always seems to come the long way around the planet. But, the satisfaction of answering the deep need to create and build, to turn the stomach churning blunder into an “ahh-hah” moment, and getting that check for something I designed and built, yes, priceless. Even the best jobs have their bad moments, some very satisfying ones, and sometimes, a nice check. 8-)
I was impressed at how quickly photos are imported on the iPad, even RAW. Disappointed that neither Photos, nor iPhoto can resize photos. Fortunately Photogene deals with RAW, and can resize, and is only $.99, for a fairly complete editor. I too, am incresing the actual "work" that I can do on the ios devices, though they are still not a replacement for a desk or laptop. Close.
I have the new Mini; the retina displays are very nice. I read, watch movies, go to the library and borrow books, post to my blog, all quite comfortably from a soft chair. I like the smaller size, though sometimes it can seem a little cramped, so it was a tough choice between the mini and the air, which is a minuscule 4 ozs. heavier. I haven't tried magazines yet, though I agree about illustrations in e-books; especially annoying are static ones, that can't be zoomed.
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In the same way that a Pigeon grade shotgun appeals, O/U, or S/S, though I don't shoot any more, it would have to be the Leica, just because. I already own very practical cameras, work horses for what I want to do; interesting to have a thoroughbred in the house.
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2013 on Christmas Present for You at The Online Photographer
Nice post. Much empathy for the "not exhibiting". Early I exhibited, but found it detracted from my work some of the qualities I prized most, and was physically and mentally exhausting, and sometimes emotionally, too. I was and still am devoted to the unsung "art" of being a framewright, and time left from that and the demands of kids and family, was better spent actually making art, than exhibiting. Also, empathy for the selling of tools to make the nut.
Sorry, I did cyber Monday on Friday. If I'd known it'd bum you out, I could of waited. I do like my new pocket camera, though, even more than I thought, and it was a very good deal, if you appreciate the monetary gains of being a little behind the times.
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Grade B maple syrup is a nice addition to oatmeal. Grade B is stronger in flavor.
Noodlers ink might be the most "archival" ink.:
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"curmudgeons-in-training." Aren't you the inventor of the verb "curmudge"? Liked the shot, though the red felt burnt my eyeballs. 8-)
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2013 on A Cool Shot at The Online Photographer
All in all a very fine selection. I don't like some (maybe too strong), personal taste, but overall, all 3 batches are great. Tough, judging! I have not pointed to any favorites for the simple reason that there are too many.
I think a certain level of "angst" about one's work is fairly common for creative people, which, for me, whether a painting, a carved frame, a photo or a piece of furniture, is often tempered by some time and distance.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2013 on We Need Our Audiences at The Online Photographer
A late voice for Off Topic posts. Go Off Topic! I haven't held a pool cue since I was a teen, and the extent of my tea adventuring is to buy Golden Yunnan, because my daughter is from Yunnan Province. However, I very much enjoyed both posts, as it's a glimpse into some cultures I'm not focused on. In fact, despite studying photography, and working as a photographer, dark room tech, and still doing photography, I'm far more likely to skip an equipment post than one of the entertaining, informative OT posts.
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2013 on Open Mike: Alt Geekery at The Online Photographer
Ivan Le Lorraine Albright. "The Door".
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Very interesting compositionally, though that BS aside, it very much struck a strong emotional chord for me. Reading the "back story", and realizing who at least one of the people was added to that, but it is a very humanistic image. We, as a family, aren't buying as much art as we used too, (we are soon to have a third teen girl for the school year, so our priorities are skewed) but this, smallish by today's standards, so you have to get up close and look, would be a most worthy addition. __________________ Bron
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2013 on Random Snap at The Online Photographer
A counterpoint, on the highway, it might be more dangerous to pull over to take a photograph. There is a reason you're not to park there other than emergencies. I find grabbing a well known camera, no more distracting than the constant eye rove of road, guages, mirrors. Around town it's easy to stop. Bron
"He really makes me think that I should start a "photo school" series here on TOP, and try to impart what I know about getting better at shooting." An advantage, for me, about "teaching" from a blog, is each post can be very tightly focused. People can "study" just the parts they are ready for. As a teacher in a group I had a very hard time recognizing that a skill or technique that was for me, second nature, was not always so evident to the student. And, I too feel blessed that I sometimes had a very good teacher. One of the reasons I pass knowledge on.
Ctein, The Super Head is probably too much, though Ebay does list some. I've used the Junior head with heavy SLRs, DSLRs to compact cameras. Easy to use and locks rigid, and once you get the hang of it, almost as fast as a ballhead.
Ctein, I have a 3D junior Head, used to be #3025; now part #056. I also have the Super Head, #3028, but that is no longer in their line; at least I couldn't find it. Ebay?
Ctein, Giottos makes some nice alternatives to the "over priced Gitzos", IMHO. Bogen Manfrotto 3D heads if you don't like ballheads. and you don't have handles sticking out to snag things. For a monopod, ballheads offer the the most efficiency, especially one with some tension control. In small tripods, carbon fiber is very expensive for the small weight savings. IMHO