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Great post, some remarks: > It hurts battery life by at least an hour, too. What hurts this much? Does the SSD consume that much more power? Or is it the memory? > Want to start doing stuff immediately? Even Windows 8, which has radically improved wake times, is laughably slow to start up compared to tablets and phones which are practically instant-on by design. I recently bought a similar device - a Sony Vaio S 15" - and replaced the disk with a Samsung 830. Sure, not exactly ultraportable, but at <2kg it's still very managable. It boots in 10s (not estimated, but measured power-button-to-responsive-desktop time). I assume the Asus' devices are in the same ballpark. > Want the smallest most portable device you can get away with? ... Have you seen the iPhone 5 benchmarks? It's not about the performance though most of the time, but what tasks will you be doing and what software will you be needing. Typing a document or code on a touchscreen is harrowing, even at the size of a tablet. I prefer my laptop in most cases, I only grab my phone if nothing else is withing reach (this happens often, of course), and take my tablet with me only if I know I wouldn't be doing anything serious - ie, playing games on the train, watching youtube, reading an ebook. Tablets are really neat and useful in certain scenarios, but are absolute rubbish in others, no matter how fast they get. > Want to be always connected to the Internet? As you stated in an earlier point, you always have your phone with you. And in most cases, that phone can serve as a tethering hotspot. So what ever device you pick, it can piggyback onto the internet with a few clicks.
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I agree, to some extent. Last year, I thought of a scenario I would like to see as a reality: your phone holds all the documents, code, pictures, ... you care to have. It has a basic computing package: a small, reasonably high res display; a decent CPU and GPU; a usable amount of RAM. You come home, arrive at work, you drop it into a desktop docking station that provides extra memory, a replacement CPU & GPU (same instruction set, different performance), and you're good to go. You could have tablet and laptop docks as well, much like the ASUS PadFone and Motorola Atrix, but with a decent software and some standardized hardware interface backing them. Also, I'm not sure if performance is still leapfrogging as fast as that graph seems to indicate, or maybe the software is not taking advantage of it. I bought an LG Optimus 2X about 18 months ago, and I am yet to see a phone that is overwhelmingly better in terms of performance. The only thing I miss on that phone - as a phone, not a desktop replacement - is a good keyboard. Perhaps this new generation of 2GB memory phones with quad-core Cortex-A15's will make a convincing upgrade, but I'm not sure they need to be, until phones can grow beyond their current physical size constraints.
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