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by Stacy Palen. Here is a nice little article from NRAO that corresponds to material in Chapter 13 of Understanding Our Universe and Chapter 18 in 21st Century Astronomy: Questions for Students: Make a sketch of this triple-star system to show how the three objects move in their orbits... Continue reading
By Stacy Palen. We often wish that students were more engaged in class. Sometimes we complain that students won’t ask questions, or that they won’t answer the ones we ask. This is a training problem: we have to train students to know what our expectations are. Think of it this... Continue reading
This is a blog about teaching introductory astronomy, curated and primarily written by Dr. Stacy Palen of Weber State University. Want to share suggestions or strategies for engaging students in Astro 101? Join us in the comments! Continue reading
Posted Jul 31, 2018 at Teaching Astronomy by Doing Astronomy