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So beautifully true. Also, if there's something about the character that is really cool and interesting but remains completely irrelevant to the story through the entire first 50,000 words, probably it doesn't matter. I'm trying to convince myself of that right this very minute. (Well, not this very minute, I was actually reading your blog for a nice distraction instead while I struggled with the issue...)
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Oh, I love this so much. I'm (although mildly embarrassed to admit this) pretty sure I could currently win the title of world's most obsessed Eureka fan (if we measured by most words of fanfiction written and published on so I've been reading because of that. (Okay, following on Twitter, actually.) But this post means that even if someday I burn out on Eureka, I'll keep reading what you write because I've become a you-fan, instead of just a Eureka fan. It's just so useful. Smart. Insightful. I'm going to be thinking about it with the next story I write. And I might even be kind to Parrish! (Although probably not. He's an ass, and I like Fargo.)
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The great thing about RSS is that I don't actually care how often you write: when you do write, it shows up in my feed and I get to enjoy your perspective on the world. And I do enjoy it. Your gratitude posts are some of the nicest things that show up in my online world -- I wish that there were a lot more people (or that I knew where they were) who wrote so simply about the pleasures of being alive and being loved. If those posts only happen once every two weeks -- cool, works for me. It still means that once every two weeks I will get to be reminded that life is good. Write when you feel like you want to share!
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I personally like to believe that the kind of luck you're having is protective luck. Those floods in the basement? Protection against the house burning down and killing everyone inside. Car alarm? Protection against car crash. Toe nail? Protection against falling down the stairs and breaking a luck. Little bad lucks are always good lucks in disguise. If I was married to your husband, he'd probably have had me institutionalized by now. :) I think it's a family trait: when my dad had a heart attack, my mom said "Aren't we lucky we were at home." Cancer diagnosis? "But it's a good kind." Car accident resulting in traumatic brain injury, "At least he's alive." Out-of-wedlock, unplanned pregnancy, "Good genes, anyway." Car accident? "I never liked the color of that car, it'll be nice to get a new one." My mom can tell the absolute truth in those year end holiday letters and still make it sound good, even when it's actually desperately bad. Because as long as everyone's alive, it could always be worse, right?
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Ha, good for you. I was in Gamestop yesterday buying my kid Portal 2 and was sooo tempted to buy myself Pokemon. But it was a lot easier to do when the kid was of the age to play it with me. :) If you love it, please post -- that'll be enough to make me succumb.
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Hello, wonderful, darling, beloved Eureka writers, I know you don't want "ideas, concepts, scripts" but can you accept petitions? Pleas? Begging? Your fan fiction community (or at least some members of it) would really, really, really like Jo to get a motorcycle. (We'd also like a Zane-with-no-shirt-on scene, but we'd be content with the motorcycle.) Don't say no too quickly! Just, you know, let it percolate. Maybe you could find some cool motorcycle manufacturer to do a product placement? Thanks for the wonderful show!
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Apr 1, 2011