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When I went through the police academy there was a motorcycle gang that would use cameras with telephoto lens to photograph everyone coming and going. It didn't take too much to figure out who the new trainees were. At the end of the academy a book was printed and distributed to various criminal elements. It isn't so much about stalking as creating a potentially life threatening situation. If a police officer is under-cover and can be identified as such it is not good. As far as an officer being able to video tape away from a vehicle. It can be a good thing overall. It simply takes the voice recorder to video. The department I worked on almost all officers carried a small voice recorder. I didn't know any officer that was too worried about what was being recorded.
The Bush administration passed the Patriot Act and no one even whimpered. President Bush went on public TV and announced that the Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper. Again no one even whimpered. Try to take a dangerous person out of society and it is a violation of personal freedom. COME ON !!!
Judges are typically total hypocrites. An officer is told that they have to take special classes if someone is rude. The Phelps case is another prime example. If someone were to take a poster of two males having intercourse into the courtroom they would probably never get out of prison.
I grew up in a state that it is no big deal for people to carry a weapon openly. When a resident is stopped for a traffic violation they tell the officer that I have a pistol in the glove box, console etc. NO BIG DEAL. During hunting season most people walk into a restaurant with a pistol strapped on again no big deal. I did not know what a residential burglary was when I worked there. I moved to Colorado and that was about all I did was cover residential burglaries. People that grow up using a weapon know it is something to be respected and not played with. Too many people today watch too much TV and movies and have never had to process an animal for their next meal, learning the value of life in the process. My own brother was an avid hunter, but he never taught his own daughters about gun safety. When they came to my house I had to secure all my guns for fear that they would "play" with them. My own son was taught at a very early age that they are not to play with. He could safely load a black powder revolver when he was four, which some adults can't do. I never worried about him being curious for the simple fact that he knew what a gun was for and respected it.
Red light cameras if operated properly are good. Unfortunately in the U.S. this is not the case. They are set to record on a Yellow light violation. This teaches people to slam on their brakes creating more problems. Similar to the idea that if you saturate a residential area with stop signs -people will slow down. People don't slow down they just learn to run stop signs. The second problems with the cameras are that they are placed by a private company that is doing so to make money. As a result they (the private company) are going to cut corners to make that money. It's not about traffic safety but revenue.
Can you imagine your house is on fire, every one evacuates and in the confusion this group comes along and grabs your children and heads for the border? I don't think you would call them good Samaritans.
I don't understand why this would even be a story. This person had a lot of options, then failed to use any option. Apparently her mother had cared for the child in the past and no longer cared to do so. At that point the soldier should have advised the Army of this and opted out of service. It sounds to me like she just wanted a meal ticket with no consequences (ie deployment).
I think selling organs should be legal. After all isn't it the right of the rich to live better than anyone else. Just think, if you aren't rich and you go into the hospital for an ingrown toenail, your survivors are told that you didn't make it through the operation, but that your organs were taken to benefit a person in need (ie - rich person or persons) who had an order in.
I would worry more about the teachers than the shooter. Most teachers are being treated for depression, stress, anxiety etc. Most are taking some serious medications. Lets give another wacko a gun?
Was that purposely typed that way in the story line? The way I read this.. during the 2004 Super Bowl. Basically, the panel ruled the FCC was full of s*&^.
What he did was reprehensible. However, this is a good argument for the failure of our health system. A national health care has its problems, but at least in a situation like this a person is not faced with bills they cannot possibly pay, constant harrassing calls from various collection agencies, denial of service for even basic medical services, etc.
A few years ago there was a study that indicated that older people cause 8 times the accidents that teenagers do. By cause it was taken into account the 75 year old woman driving 25 straddling the line causing cars to swerve into other lanes and have accidents that they are at fault in.
Its too bad that she dosent realize that the expert for CSI has never done any lab work.
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