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I'm 46 and I played Pong on a friend's TV waaaaaay back when. I've loved the idea of videogames ever since the first Playstation came out. However, first husband told me they were juvenile and discouraged my play. I, stupidly, believed him. Fast forward to now and my second marriage and...awesome husband of awesomeness (yeah, it's a little sickening) asked if I'd play Portal2 with him if he got it. I said yes and it arrived last Tuesday. We've been playing it almost every evening. He's being helpful and patient while I work out how to move around and other newbie pitfalls. I'm glad to be getting into videogames now--even if it's been a bazillion years since I first fell in love with the idea. It's never too late and you're never too old. PS: Awesome husband of awesomeness is thinking about getting me my own controller for the xBox. Fancy!
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Gracious. Have the lovely ladies of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books gotten a gander? Because there would be squeeing and shouts of "Man-titty, ahoy!"
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Jul 25, 2010