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Lovecraft? Nah, this sounds like an aquatic version of the huge red creature that chased young James Kirk around Delta Vega in this year's Star Trek movie.
As John F. Kennedy might have said, "Ich bin ein foie gras Berliner."
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Just as the old military adage suggests that "no battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy", in America no ideology has ever survived contact with an inimical reality. Alas, that's only true for those who actually have the responsibility of governing thrust upon them, as Obama has. The rest of the millions of Leftists who backed Obama don't have this responsibility, and so their ideology remains alive and well, and they themselves will surely turn against their erstwhile Messiah the moment he wanders too far off their reservation. That's what true believers do with heretics. Joe Lieberman, anyone? That said, I fail to see how the Left can come out on top of any split with Obama. If Obama's first term is a success, the voting public will embrace him again in spite of any Leftist attempts to smear him. And if it's a failure, that only helps his Republican challenger in 2012.
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