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Great goal, hopefully it builds up his confidence. Hell it'd be amazing if they win promotion, that'd be a great experience for him. The chant for him afterwards was amazing. This makes me happy.
Oh and to add, a friend of mine said he was on his layover at DFW and that the whole airport exploded in joy. He said he had never seen so many "gringos" scream goal in his life, people running around like chickens with their heads cut off hugging, crying, chanting "U-S-A". He was like wow, "United States, welcome to the WORLD CUP!" I'm currently in Colombia to give a lecture and it happens to be at the same time as the Ghana game. I pray to God that we win so I get to see my boys play again. I'll be wearing my jersey during my lecture, no matter what happens, U-S-A!!! One more curious thing, no one is taking us seriously, all the coverage on ESPN down here is about Argentina and all the other teams, nothing on the United States, I think it's funny. All I know is that they're afraid of the "sleeping giant". Beware the SLEEPING GIANT world, I know that you're afraid and loathe the day that the United States lifts the trophy you all love so much. Guess what, we love it too, we want it just as bad.
June 23, 2010 - The day I finally felt that our country cared. Hell the run up had been amazing, the controversial call with Slovenia had been a blessing in disguise. Seeing all the celebs on Twitter bitching about blown calls and pushing our team to win. So as the game went along and the goals weren't coming, I was dejected, I looked down at my jersey and wondered if the 110 dollars spent to buy it and customize it was worth it or if spending 140 dollars at Nike ID to get the US Soccer Nike Blazers were worth it. I wondered if this is how it ended, if my constant preaching about US Soccer to all my friends was just a waste of time. How many more chances on goal would "Todd Bridges (Algerian keeper)" keep stopping. I was at the office in my cubicle, on my knees praying. Then I saw stoppage time begin and all of a sudden I see Timmy launch a hail mary, that's what it was, and seeing our boys just tear down the back line and Landon, oh Landon, just blast it in. I thought I was dreaming, at an instant I screamed as loud as I've ever screamed. My office erupted, I work for MTV Latin America and our company president came running and saw me in tears, she was laughing and cheering, people were hugging. I hurt my hand because I punched my desk and file cabinet so hard out of joy. I shall never forget that moment. Everything from here on out is just a bonus. I begin to think about Project 2010 and the money Nike and US Soccer invested in our boys to put us in a position to win a World Cup by 2010 and I get goosebumps, could this be it? Let's just go one game at a time, I hope it's all the way to the end. I love US Soccer and always will. Thank you ESPN for really embracing the game and making new fans every day with your coverage and thank you Yanks for giving America something to smile about with all the b.s. going on in our country. For the USA, let's use that Nike motto...JUST DO IT.
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Jun 25, 2010