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[quote]Too bad the Xonar DG does not work in Linux.[/quote] But it should.I've used the Xonar DX in Linux for over a year! It's the same DSP - as far as the drivers are concerned - on both the DX and the DG. In the DX case it's the CMI8788 and on the DG it's the CMI8786, which is the exact same DSP with some features hardlocked. The drivers will identify it as a CMI8788. And support for CMI8788 has been present in the Linux-kernel and in ALSA for quite some time. Linux even adds an Audiphile killer feature over the Windows-drives in the form of the possibility to trim the roll off of the DACs digital filter. Not sure if it's supported on the lower specced CS4361 on DG but it works alright on the CS4398 of the DX. Switching the digital filter to the "slow roll off"-mode gives every sound a slight extra lifelike quality :) Also, it's probable that it won't be possible to trim the headphone output impedance on the DG, at least not yet. But it should definitely work as a normal soundcard.
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Nov 8, 2011