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I grew up with Spidey, X-Men, Iron Man and FF cartoons, so when I eventually got into the comics side it was always going to be Marvel. For a long time I was very 'Marvel rocks, DC sucks!', but then I grew up and realised DC had it's merits too - what tipped me over was the brilliant Arkham Asylum game (can't wait for Arkham City this year!). So I set about getting into DC, but I just can't face collecting floppies - I wouldn't know where to start. As such, I've got a fair few trades, and I have to recommend the Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale Batman books - The Long Halloween is my absolute favourite Bats story. My favourite Superman has got to be Mark Millar's Red Son, which is basically 'what if' Supes landed in Soviet Russia instead if the US. Aside from picking up DC trades and collecting current X-Men, Spidey, various Avengers, etc., I'm really into Image's stuff. Walking Dead is of course amazing, I love Chew, and I'm really digging Cowboy Ninja Viking (multiple personality assassins!). I'd also recommend anything Mark Millar does - Kick-Ass 2 is coming along nicely, Nemesis was fantastic, and the kid-friendly Superior is a nice break from his ultra-violent stuff. American Jesus is slow but also good. Sorry for long post - I'm sure I've forgotten something awesome though!
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I am so late to The Walking Dead, I know, but in the last few weeks I've read 6 of the 13(?) books - I just can't put them down, I read a whole book (6 issues) in an hour. I never thought I would enjoy a horror comic. I have to say Chew is awesome, and Image are basically my 'go to' label for new stuff when I don't want Marvel or DC. I plan on getting some of the Cowboy Ninja Viking books soon - an assassin with multiple personalities - yes please! My other love is the Millarworld books. It seems people either love or hate Mark Millar, but you can't deny he's doing wonders for comics. Kick Ass and now Kick Ass 2, plus Superior, American Jesus, and especially Nemesis - all great.
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Dec 13, 2010