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Radical Honestly is flawed due to a number of factors: * Truth is not absolute "Always tell the truth" assumes that 'truth' is absolute. In reality very few things are always 'true'. Therefore most of the time we are not expressing 'truth' we are expressing a temporal thought restrained by a given context. In simple terms "an opinion" (as Clickok stated). * Context Exhaustion Surely to be honest you really need to place every statement in context. To say to someone: "You are fat" May not capture your true opinion. Are you fat or obese? Are you fat compared to someone else? Are you phat ( ) It is when a statement is placed in context that the opinion becomes clear(er) "You are fat compared to Keira Knightley" However providing context is extremely exhausting as so much of the spoken word assumes the listener/s shares a common context (which is often a false assumption in itself) * The spoken word is ambiguous This is especially true in English
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