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Pentax needs DA 24 - but I don't (or at least I don't know about it until a press release or TOP tells me I need it). The thing is, I have a K28/2.8 on my K200D almost every time I go out of my home. The focal lenght on APS sensor is wonderful - a little bit wider than classic standard, but not quite wide angle (I think you wrote about that in one of old Sunday Photographers). Manual focusing forces thinking ahead and reduces shutter delay. Manual shutter and aperture eliminates exposure uncertainty (the stop-down metering is there, somewhere, but I consider it sort of witchcraft by now - along with light meters in general). The whole thing won't fit into a pocket, but it's convenient enough for me to carry pretty much everywhere. I can't see how one could get a better street photography tool. And the lens was practically free with the second-hand body I got. Pentax might need DA 24 - I don't.
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Sep 11, 2010