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Len Yacullo
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Great idea, i need one more thing for my brother's birthday and this would be right up his alley Usually he's the one to find the new books and pass them on to me, it'll be nice to turn it around and be the one to recommend something cool we both wind up liking
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Great ep & the PALs were interesting enough to be brought out again later. Glad to hear Parrish is coming back & maybe his expertise extends beyond what we've seen so far to justify him being in even more episodes. Hey, if he gets picked for the Titan team, who's up for pushing for a Eureka:Titan spin off series? And not only was it incredibly cool to see Stan the Man, but even with layering in the old Hulk TV show theme in the background and even using the x-ray from the opening ep/credits behind "Dr. Lee" was all amazingly cool and shows how much trouble they go into to provide detail. Congrats & looking forward to future appearances by Dr. P
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2011 on EUREKA: Glimpse at WWdN: In Exile
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Jul 26, 2011