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Thank you Wil, my boss now thinks I'm strage for laughing at hair. So wotrth it though :) Sorry you had to go though years of breathing aerosol.
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Epic! I hope my 2.0 are as geeky as I am one day. Will definately not mind if they surpass my geekyness :) As a daughter of a now Geek-adjacent mom, I,love when out of the blue she busts out a little bit of geek trivia or recognizes a quote someone blurts out.
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Loved reading this post. It is amazing to look back and see the unexpected places life takes you. I'm sure you're family misses you just as much as you do them and will be glad to have you back home. I along eith the rest of the fans thank them for letting you go every once in a while t=so we can see you perform. Sorry aboutthe ankle.
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Aug 30, 2010