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Indeed. I've always been pretty happy with the pay of most places. It's normally the work environment that normally makes the system unproductive. In the end though, you can't get rid of politics. To an extent, it is kind of the idea behind true professions. It is a kind of structured intrinsic incentive. While not all doctors are great caring people. You can be pretty sure that a doctor in charge of a particular unit is at least very very good. There is an aspiration to keep getting better. Now of course professions have their downsides with respect to society (slow innovation, job protection above other matters...), so I'm not saying it is the solution. As to outsourcing mundane work? Well, let's just say you need to know something to actually start innovating. If you outsource all the low-level work, you're not going to grow the next generation of technical leaders. You also drive top talent away from a field when you outsource. Would a top person enter a field in the technical area if their only hope of a decent life is to make the next innovation? Probably not. Whereas if they are decent 'regular' mundane jobs available, they might be more willing to take the risk in the field itself knowing if they fail... there's always some mundane job.
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Jun 1, 2010