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Yancy Burns
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Hay, you didn't just make beer... You also made vegimite! Take that yeast cake, add some spice, and spread it on some toast! Might hold you over till the beer is actually done... (Note, I've never actually made beer or home made vegimite myself. YRMV)
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Wow... So many memories. Mostly of Princes Dept. Store in the small town of Oroville, WA. Street Fighter II, Gauntlet, Rygar, Willow... Centipede at Theodore Bruins. Joust at Eisons Gas Station... Most of my distant memory stimulus, however, is currently taken up with Final Fantasy and how it opened up the world of computer role playing for me. I just downloaded 1 and 2 on my iPhone. Man did Square Enix do a good job translating them over. I think FF2 is my favorite game of all time. It was hard to get into p&p rpgs when no one else in my small town was that interested. In fact, when I got my PS3 and smelled the inside of the box, I commented to my wife how much the packaging reminded me of when I got my first NES. And what the controller felt like in my hands when I was 10. She said I was giddy like a school boy. I won't deny that it took me right back to my bedroom and the fist time I played Super Mario Brothers (no arcade carried in my small town). I truly believe the NES and FF changed my life for the better by helping to open up my imagination.
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I had a fun experience with my wife while watching BBT last night. She refuses to admit that she is any kind of geek, so I often call her a "closet geek". When Sheldon dumps the tray with 30 pieces of silverware on the table, my wife started laughing so hard, I thought she'd bust her gut... She had to explain to me about Judas and the silver... Who's the geek now Amy? :P BBT - Proving to geeks how geeky their "non" geek spouses really are!
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