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When I was beginning my professional career one of the first interviews I had asked me to write an array. This freaked me out and I couldn't answer. Not because I didn't know but because I felt like I hadn't heard the question correctly. I had passed the little test the placement put me on (Getting a 70-odd percent in SQL, even though SQL isn't my competence) and they thought I would be a good fit. The second interview had me do the exam by telephone. This sucked because you're stuck on the phone, thinking of an answer, but have to break your concentration so they don't think you hung up. The third interview went much better. It was in person. We talked about my experience, resume stuff, and at the end they gave me a takeaway assignment. I had sent it back before the end of the day and had another interview a few days later. Although I was offered the job I didn't take it. I do believe that the interview process can be a nerve-racking experience. Like dating, when you're taken everyone wants you. You're confident, experienced, have all the right answers. You are polished. When you're looking for work you are under pressure, lack confidence, and the stress can make things fall apart, quickly. Answering simple questions can send your mind racing. BTW, I didn't take the job because I had made my mind up to do some travel. Malaria shots take 2-3 weeks before you can travel. Without worrying about being accepted, the interview was less threatening
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Feb 22, 2010