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Thank you so much! I have found that if I wear this sweater with a white skirt, it looks too much like a "tennis outfit" but as long as that is avoided, the top is pretty versatile!
Ha ha! What is Tardis, a resale clothing shop? I keep the clothing I like forever so probably it seems like there is more of it!
Today I am wearing Interval by Shellie Anderson. It is knitted in my favorite base for summer wear, Rowan Calmer Yarn. I bought this lot on ebay about six years after the yarn had been discontinued, so you can see it is something of an obsession! I am wearing the sweater with an A-line skirt. It kind of surprised me that these two pieces work together because they are both bell-shaped, but the waist going in at the center seems to balance the outfit. Ever since I reviewed my research on Regency fashion and fabrics for my upcoming Bakery Bears... Continue reading
Posted 8 hours ago at Fashion: Yarn Style
Your meaning comes across clearly, I think!
Thank you very much! That is great praise indeed, coming from a shawl knitting expert. I do love the colors. :-)
Yes, the thought of wearing wool in summer is a bit daunting, isn't it? That is wonderful that you are able to knit in linen--those knits must be perfect for warm weather! Wish I could!
Thank you so much! i used to think, in my ignorance, that all shawls were triangles and so I avoided making them. I agree that the rectangular shaped ones are much more modern and wearable in general!
Today I am wearing Petal by Kim Hargreaves. It is knitted in Rowan 4ply Cotton, which has been discontinued. That is probably my favorite yarn for summer wear, as it is so light and soft. Those knits have held up for years, and I am curious if Rowan’s new yarn, Summerlite 4ply cotton, will measure up. I am hoping to knit a top with that yarn soon to test it out. I am wearing the sweater with a second-hand Chanel skirt. It is really amazing the finds one can discover thrift shopping! I have also been having fun with my... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Fashion: Yarn Style
My shawl, Goldfish Memory, by Casapinka, is finished at last! I love the soft warmth of this shawl over a sleeveless dress. The merino is light but comfortable. I used Miss Bab’s Yummy 2ply in the colorway Temptress for the gorgeous hot pink/charcoal colorway which you can see upclose here against the white and grey in slip stitch patterns that really show off the hand-dyed yarn: The off-white yarn speckled with grey is Lorna’s Laces fingering yarn in the colorway Black Tie. I used a Plymouth silk merino fingering blend for the charcoal colored yarn, so deep in my stash... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Fashion: Yarn Style
Yes, silk is fabulous but sometimes misbehaves. The only problem I have ever encountered with the handmaiden yarn is that it grows lengthwise over time, so I try to start my garments a bit short. :-)
Thank you so much for cheering me on! I really appreciate it as it's been really hot here and I still have 97 days to go!!
Thank you very much! Unfortunately as I wore the vintage blouse during the day, two of the lower buttons kept popping open--perhaps I need to tighten the buttonholes with some hand sewing?
What a sweet thing to say! I will think of you when I post my new photos!
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on 100 Day Summer Challenge at Fashion: Yarn Style
Ha ha! You and I are on the same wavelength. I thought of sewing her onto a little purse as an adornment, something I may do with my next octopus in future!
Thank you very much! I think the purse looks just like a little french pastry iced in sugar, no?
Today I am wearing Sherry by Kim Hargreaves, knitted in Rowan Calmer yarn. I love the way that Sherry transforms a man’s waistcoat into a cute woman’s cardigan. The shawl collar was fully fashioned and knitted into the body of the sweater. Okay, okay I am obsessed with Calmer yarn. But it is so incredibly comfortable to wear against the skin, particularly in summer! It is as soft as a terry cloth robe, and you can unravel it again and again! Sherry is the third sweater I knitted with these skeins of yarn, as the first two were not what... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Fashion: Yarn Style
Today I decided to wear the tank Adelphe by Sarah Hatton. It is knitted in Handmaiden Sea Silk fingering weight yarn. My knitting friends tease me that I am obsessed with handmaiden sea silk yarn. It is lightweight, drapes beautifully, and is easy to knit and unravel. I find I can wear garments knitted in sea silk in the warmest weather comfortably if they are sleeveless or short sleeved. The best part about this yarn is its sheen. I am wearing it outside my favorite place in the world, Uncommon Threads Yarns in Los Altos, California. The tank is paired... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Fashion: Yarn Style
Wow, I am so excited to hear about that blog, I will check it out immediately! I am very impressed by the way you are able to frog and reclaim your yarn, that really takes a lot of work! Unfortunately I don't really have any linen hand knits I find the yarn really uncomfortable but perhaps it would be worth it in the end?
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on 100 Day Summer Challenge at Fashion: Yarn Style
That is really great advice about linen and cotton dresses. I will probably start heading in that direction as it gets hotter and hotter! Thank you so much for cheering me on!
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on 100 Day Summer Challenge at Fashion: Yarn Style
That would be really cool, I would love to see what you are wearing in autumn!
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on 100 Day Summer Challenge at Fashion: Yarn Style
Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog! I am a huge fan of the Bakery Bears too, they are amazing aren't they? Really appreciate you cheering me on in this challenge, as it gets hotter I think it is going to get more and more challenging!
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on 100 Day Summer Challenge at Fashion: Yarn Style
Yes, I am doing another 100 day challenge! The idea of the 100 day challenge started in 2014, when in an effort to clear our home of excess knitwear, my husband threatened to toss out any handmade item I didn't wear over the next 100 days. He was quite effective in getting me to dust off all my old handknits from the beginning of time to risk losing them. I did discover some tops were too frilly or small for me to wear and I gifted them to friends and family members. I love repurposing hand knits! For example, the... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Fashion: Yarn Style
Jennie Atkinson’s Crocheted Choker Lagerfeld keeps Chanel clothing modern is by pairing knits and woven clothes with fabulous accessories. As a knitter, I used to focus on just garments until I started watching Chanel fashion shows. It soon became plain to me that the fabulous boots, belts, bags, bracelets and baseball caps elevated the clothing and linked it to current fashion trends. This opened my eyes to the fact that creating fashion isn’t just the clothes. It’s the art of assembling clothes, accessories, makeup and hairstyle together into an overall “look”. The Chanel Paris Soeul accessory collection was... Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2017 at Fashion: Yarn Style
Hah! I like the idea of handbags as confections--some of them do look like little yummy pastries, don't they?
Yes, the opera was truly spectacular, and a magical evening!