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FIFA just gave us a 4th of July present. USA drops 8 points in the FIFA/Coca Cola World Rankings, and are now down to 36th, behind Algeria (but above Serbia). Not that these rankings matter anyway... Happy 4th, everyone!
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2012 on Happy 4th of July from SBI at Soccer By Ives
He is absolutely going to regret this. He needs to sleep on it for a month instead of making such a rash decision. The man could be our generation's Sir Alex Ferguson. He needs to cool down, relax, and think about this more clearly. I completely understand why he would feel this way after Champions League.
One word to some up this match... WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWOWOWOW
I don't think Backe is trash. Backe is incapable. He's not a fit for New York, nor is he a good fit for any MLS team. It seems like he still does not understand the MLS culture and the physical endurance this league requires. This Backe/NYRB situation is a classic situation of the negatives of bringing in European style to America. Yes, there are positives, but in this case, it's just wrong.
LOL Honestly, I'm pretty sure everyone was pondering the possibility of Eddie Johnson.
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2012 on SBI's MLS 2012 predictions at Soccer By Ives
Good man! Family comes first for him, and he gets to play for an amazing team. I don't believe it was Posh who convinced him. Probably his kids.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2012 on Reports: Beckham staying in LA at Soccer By Ives
Yeah, he was never a good fit for the Fire... Great pic, SBI. Hahaha
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2011 on Berhalter's Hammarby signs Husidic at Soccer By Ives
The location of Toyota Park works theoretically because it is really close to major Hispanic and Eastern European neighborhoods and suburbs of Chicago. Plus it is a decent location close to I-55 and I-294. So it makes sense. And yeah, attendance in Chicago isn't too terrible. I mean there's no way of telling if the stadium was moved to a trendier neighborhood that attendance would increase.
Does anybody know what clubs for sure are interested in Davies?
I can't see how NY can win either. Especially when they performed so well sans Henry when he got that red card. They concentrate so hard to pass to Henry while they can function better as a team without him.
UGH. ManU or Chelsea better not entice Suarez. Keep him in 'Pool!!!
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2011 on Must-See Goal: Luis Suarez at Soccer By Ives
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