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Of course, the more you put stuff up, the easier it gets. I've been doing daily fiction writing on my blog for almost half a year now, and at first it was really intimidating. I had Carrie's mom in my head too, man, and she's a nasty piece of work. But then, so what if I do suck? What if they do laugh? The goal isn't not to suck, it's to get better. And I think I have gotten better in the last 177 days, and I plan to look back when it's all done and appreciate the progress I've made. So rock the flash fiction, the weird ideas and the super-secret projects. As long as you're having fun and making yourself better, then mission accomplished.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2011 on living in another world at WWdN: In Exile
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Hey, 500 more words than I've written today. Though I mean to remedy that later. And I can sympathize with you on both the snoring and the unholy cat poo fronts....
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Jul 7, 2011