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I have 2 brief rules lawyer stories about the Wish spell. 1) I played in my first D&D campaign 5 years ago with my then boyfriend who was DMing for his friends. We were playing with 3.5 rules, and a number of his friends and him were(are) rules encyclopaedia. I dont quite remember what brought about a wish spell (i'm almost certain it was an unlimited wish granted by a demigod after a particular quest) and we decided amongst ourselves on what we wanted, and allowed our party leader to present it to the demigod. As that our session was nearing to a close, my party leader asked if he could just write it out and bring it in next session. My boyfriend agreed, and 2 days before the next session, the party leader brings over a 30-40 page document in full legalese explicitly stating what we wanted. My boyfriend, wanting to screw him over for just doing that at all, read the entire thing, found a loophole...and caused just the party leader to get screwed by the wish. 2) I now play with a local group which used to play two tables each night. One night while playing i overhear that the other table is going through a ridiculous mod but they just got granted a wish spell with 3 wishes. One of the girls playing was very annoying, and was constantly undermining the DM and just generally being stupid as well. two of the party members mention what they'd like to the granter of the wishes (i think it was a Djinn) and then this girl interrupts the party leader while he's talking to the rest of the party about what the 3rd wish should be. The DM had already given her a card she was supposed to hold up whenever she was speaking out of character, and she didn't hold it up. she just butted in and said "I wish I had a cookie." So to follow his own rules, and the ones everyone playing had agreed to, she had said that in character, so she wasted the last wish on a cookie...she later died due to party negligence (the party left her in a room of traps to kill her off in hopes she'd stop coming to the public play sessions)
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Jun 21, 2010