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Every model with a distinct style (crossover, wagon), dimensions (length, width, height) should have a unique name on their own. So the Sportwagen and Alltrack versions of Golf should be split up as separate model instead of being clubbed under Golf. I guess the electric version of Golf will be phased out as ID series of electric vehicles are being launched. At least will there be hybrid and plugin version. Ideally both Sportwagen and Alltrack which has AWD trims should be reclassified as Crossover since that is the best selling segment. Hope VW will do this.
If it's a 4 seater, then its good. Next challenge is pricing it affordably and selling as much as the customers demand.
Congratulations to Nissan for selling 300,000 Leafs. I think the Leaf-1 (2010 - 2017) sold 190,000 units while the latest Leaf-2 sold the remaining 10,000 units. If not for the big decrease in oil prices, the Leaf-1 should have sold 400,000 units easily. So the main reason for Leaf which is to prevent the oil prices from increasing further and has been achieved.
Are they computing this for only the vehicles with an engine or they are including the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) as well. Anyway the sales of CUVs, Pickups, SUVs have increased and still the fuel economy remained the same in 2017 compared to 2016. That means the average vehicle has become more fuel efficient.
Good move, this will reduce the actual natgas imports. Meanwhile in India, they are planning to promote Methanol stoves.
Gaining 32% market share is a meteoric rise. In EU, some of the vehicles with regular rear doors are considered either Van or MPV. Only if a vehicle with sliding door is a Van and any vehicle with 1 or more trims having AWD and has 5 doors is a Crossover. Having a correct classification may push the share of crossovers to somewhere around 35%. In China, the crossovers have got 37% market share while its already 40% in USA. Ideally all new vehicles can be designed as a crossover which is good for the automaker and also gives choice to the customers if they choose AWD. Even the GT version of BMW 3 Series and 5 Series should be badged as crossovers.
Bravo Maverick Wonder and that's what I would like to call BMW. I believe at the end of November, their tally was less than 90,000 and seems they have sold another 10,000 in the 18 days of December so far. That means they may sell at least 15,000 plugin vehicles worldwide. Go BMW.
Great news, congratulations for all the organizations, companies and the gas stations who worked to make this big achievement. In 2011 the EPA certified the E15 and it took nearly 1 full year to introduce the first gas station vending E15 and that owner faced a lot of resistance from the oil company who supplied petro-fuels. He did hold the ground and slowly other gas stations / chains joined and around last year, the movement accelerated to 1,000. I hope this will lead to many more gas stations offering E85 as well and some of them who have blender pumps may also vend E20, E30. In Brazil E27 is sold as the standard and their non flex fuel vehicles run fine on that fuel. 95% of the light duty vehicles in USA are MY-2001 or later and are E15 certified. Even the older vehicles will run on E15, its just that they are not tested.
Way to go. There is plenty of soybean and Bio-diesel can be produced from that crop. And tropical countries can produce it from Palm.
Despite the constant talk from the mainstream media that "SUVs and PUs drive to higher sales", the average mileage is increasing, thanks to the big sales increase in plugin vehicles. Most of the so called SUVs are actually CUVs built on unibody frame which are lot more fuel efficient. Of late the sub compact CUVs are becoming common. Overall the improvised turbo engines and tranny will ensure that mileage will gradually increase.
Even though it was expected to have a sale price of $35,000; the lease price is very affordable at $11,414 [$9,684 ($269 * 36 months) + $1,730 (down pay)]. The 20K mile / year is a very generous feature and anyone who has a commute of 80 mile round trip can make the best use of this lease. Sadly its a compliance car sold in only 2 states.
Excellent achievement. Just follow the way Tesla bought the Lotus sports car, removed the engine and fuel tank, and put the motors and battery and made it run. Many buses should be converted in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata to reduce the pollution and also the foreign oil consumption.
China has approved many plants to convert Coal to Methane using the synthesis gas and they intend to use this Methane for both power generation and running vehicles. Also some of the Methane is converted to Methanol and mixed with gasoline as M15 & M85.
Great job Nissan and La Ciudad del Taxi. This is a good advertisement for both the companies and every rider will realize how nice the ride is in an Electric car. While the overnight charge will provide 250 km, the intermittent charges during the lunch & dinner time of the driver will add another 50 km - 100 km. Ideally the Taxi's can be slow charged during the night and the night time power prices are lower and this also helps the utilities run their power plants at higher capacity factors during the night.
Excellent Achievement Toyota. Best part is selling the last 1 million units in just 9 months in the face of low gas prices. If Toyota can sell 9 million hybrids, then other companies could have sold at least 1 million if they launched a Prius type dedicated Hybrid Hatch which is spacious as well. Hope Hyundai sell a lot with their upcoming Ioniq Trio. Any idea as how many hybrids were sold by Honda. They sold their first million in 2012-09. Here is the development of Prius over the years. Model Years : Interior Space : Mileage 1998 - 2002 : 101 cu. ft. : 40 2003 - 2009 : 112 cu. ft. : 45 2010 - 2015 : 116 cu. ft. : 50 2010 - 2015 : 118 cu. ft. : 52 / Two-Eco Trim : 120 cu. ft : 56 Anxiously waiting to see the news of 10 million Hybrids sold. All these hybrids would have cut down the pollution drastically while reducing the oil imports as well. This should also be one of the reasons that OPEC has cut the oil prices.
I guess the Hydrocrackers will consume those hydrogen to convert heavy oils to lighter fuels like gasoline, kerosene & diesel. So lot of natgas is consumed in this process to produce hydrogen.
Its good, ideally they can join the Worldwide Generation-4 reactor forum. Yes, the current reactors are very expensive and handling radioactive waste is a big headache. If they can either use Fast reactor to reduce waste or build safer Gen-4 reactor, they can get baseload (24 * 365) power at affordable rate. Otherwise they have to depend on Russian Natgas at higher prices. For US $10 million, Bolivians converted 15,000 vehicles to CNG and that's a per vehicle cost of $ 666. So why in USA, it costs 1,000s to convert to CNG.
Good that they are getting rid of 5 cylinder as 4 cylinder is almost the industry wide standard. After this, the next step will be to offer Hybrids, Plugins, CNG, LPG, FFV and so on.
I thought, they can take the piped natgas and either compress it to CNG or liquefy it to LNG. USA has a vast pipeline network of natgas and they should be able to pick up the gas from the pipes. We hear a lot of conversion to natgas.
Bravo Mazda for being the 1st to introduce i-ELOOP ultracapacitor based regenerative system. So will it be available only in GT model which starts @ $29,695. So how many units of this model they expect to sell. Camry, Fusion, Sonata, Optima introduced hybrid in 2 trims (base and high) since the high end hybrids did not sell well. Mazda 6 is not a top selling vehicle, since competition in that mid size sedan segment is very aggressive with many good models like Camry, Fusion, Accord, Altima, Sonata & Optima and Mazda 6 got less room in that space. On top of that, the Compact CUVs are eating into that space. Why not they sell this i-ELOOP is some base model to push the model sales higher.
Prius C is 500 lb lesser than Prius Liftback and should easily hit 55 + MPG. But Toyota probably ignored the improvements fearing that it will cannibalize Prius sales and probably Corolla sales. Can you believe Honda Insight sells in such low # when all other Honda models sell in 10,000 + mark. Automakers just play around. If other companies like Ford, GM, Hyundai launched Prius sized / shaped vehicle, then the competition will accelerate. May be Ford should launch Focus Hatch Hybrid to compete with Prius.
Yes this report is hastily prepared. Another report from same website says that Prius C sales is 409,000 at the end of March 2013 Toyota Aqua which is exactly the same as Prius C and probably has the Hybrid system of Prius Gen-2 is missed out in the over all #. If we include, it may comes to some 3.8 million mark. Prius Gen-2 sold even after Prius Gen-3 was launched in May 2009, but did it sell until December 2011 which is another 2 years and 8 months. Doubtful. Ideally all dedicated hybrids of Toyota like Aqua, Auris, Auris wagon, Yaris can be called as Prius. After all its not a name of any person, place or animal. Prius means "to go before in Greek". No idea why Toyota wants to call the Prius models differently in different countries. I guess the Prius Gen-3 will hit 2 million mark before the MY-2014 comes into market. Significant part of Gen-3 is the 1 mile Eco mode range and the extra trunk space. Hope the Gen-4 will have higher Eco mode range.
The # of NGVs (Natural Gas Vehicles) has grown from 1 million in year 2000 to 17 million at the end of year 2012. So guess how much will it be in year 2020 especially with China, America and Russia accelerating the spread and rising Oil prices. Surely it will be above 60 million by even conservative estimate. Also the cost of NGV is not 40% extra. Just few automakers are over charging, but dealers should retrofit at much lower price.
Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Benz, BMW have moved into Lithium. Nissan, Tesla and other companies are selling EVs & Plugins with Lithium battery. Lot of our Laptops, Tablets, Power drills work on Lithium battery. Even Boeing has restarted making 787 after fixing their battery problem. Its high time, Toyota also moves toward Lithium. Hope the Prius - Gen-4 uses Lithium to reduce space and increase EV range.