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Rob, You were really made for this - music curating, journalism, reviews, etc. You have an inherent gift for it. So glad that Death is getting some shine after a nearly 30 years of obscurity. It shows it's never too late to pursue the dreams we all have.
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I'm so happy that you took time to think about how to frame the discussion. And to frame it in the context of postmodern blackness seems quite appropriate. Beginning with that lens, one can get deeper into the impact of the images and viewing these characters on screen. You probably cut about 30 minutes of contextualizing out of the conversation by beginning within that framework.
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A union of beatmakers sounds like a good idea. But what would you propose the flat rate for each beat be - $1,000?. Also would this union negotiate a health care agreement with the 4 main music companies? is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 16, 2010