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It's a bold and admiral plan, and would be even better if the tokens could be swapped out to create other formats. But I have a bad feeling about the outcome of creating a parser, even if you use an LL(*) parser (having tried to create a Creole one for Roadkill wiki)
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2012 on The Future of Markdown at Coding Horror
Regarding Scott Hanselman's comment, I like this excerpt from Breakfast with Socrates: "So paramount is this responsibility to feed and nurture the young lives the parents have created, it alters the value of their own. In life, children come first, relegating their parents to a poor second - which is why the flight attendant’s advice to parents to put on their own oxygen masks before those of their children feels so wrong and throws the heart into conflict with the head. Surely one tends to the children before the adults? A parent is one who in prioritising the life of the child will risk his or her own, and as soon as you start making sacrifices for your children, there's no bar on where it might end. How, as a parent, could you ever say you wouldn't give up your own life to save your child? Protecting the child's life is everything, which means the life of the parent ultimately counts for nothing. [..]Without their parents creating them, children can't exist, and once existing, they depend on those parents to keep them in existence with food and water. In this respect, the life of the parent is indispensable to the life of the child. But precisely because parents are obliged to do anything for the sake of the younger life, even to the point of self-sacrifice, the value of their own lives flips over and they now become dispensable to the nth degree"
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2011 on On Parenthood at Coding Horror
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Nov 7, 2011