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Regarding Minority-Report-style hand-waving interfaces, there's always the obligatory OK/Cancel comic: An interface that forces you to wave your hand around in mid-air is very tiring. It may work for a minute but not for a work day. As for hand-writing recognition: It definitely has uses. I don't use it to wite larger corpi of texts but I do own a Tablet and frequently use OneNote to do sketches or diagrams. I still do most of the text with typing there but the very fact that even my handwriting is searchable (and the recognition is pretty good) is a big plus for anything I just quickly scribble down. And the Math Input Panel in Win 7 does its job also quite well (once you're accustomed to write numbers like it expects them to be. For me writing a 1 as a simple line is still awkward) and for some formulas it's faster than typing. Main problem with Tablet PCs though: quickly changing from keyboard to pen input involves turning the display. Direct manipulation on the screen with a pen is nice but you notice accuracy errors, you have parallax and generally having the screen flat on the table doesn't let you see as good as having it angled. The angled one is unsuitable for pen input, then, though.
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Jun 30, 2010