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Herb Morreale
Interests: running, fishing, technology, camping, wine., sports fan (da bears!), private pilot, music (i play keyboard and harmonica)
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Mar 15, 2010
Yes, I truly believe fear and self-doubt are what hold people back more than anything when it comes to trying to make a big impact. I would encourage anyone who is thinking "some day I should" to ask themselves "what am I afraid of, and is that worth the delay in me not doing xyz to make the world a better place."
Carol, I think you should expand on the thought about the voice at the core vs. the tool. There's so much hype out there about this story (Iran and Twitter) that taking an unique and thought provoking angle is important. We can say the voice needed first, and then the tool helps expand it. But with social media, sometimes the "voice" seems pretty dull and yet it takes off. The play between the core message and the medium requires more thought from people like you... Let me say it another way, if you (Carol) have a voice on the topic the more compelling unique it is the better. Hope this feedback helps.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2009 on Iran and Social Media at A Bigger Voice
I think you should build on this more. How do committment and passion differ? I believe that "success" (achieving the goal) is mostly about hard work, especially when the chips are down. And, it definitely hard to get people behind something (lead them) if you're not passionate. So, is it really about longevity? If you work at something long enough you'll succeed? Obviously its more than that, but I want to hear you talk about that.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2009 on Why Commitment Trumps Passion at A Bigger Voice