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Please look at Bret Farve. During the last 5 seasons or more, he did not perform at a high level. He constantly was asking for upgrades of players that when coupled with him would allow a high level of performance. Finally, during last season, he took off again. If the level of a veteran quarterback is affected by coaching and support cast, how could a rookie QB even make it through a season. John Beck is very aggressive at becoming a successful QB. Given the right protection and good receivers to throw to, will enhance his endeavors. Look at Anderson in Cleveland.
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How will the dolphins allocate spaces (offense, defense, special teams) to compose the 53 team member slots? Also I have heard that the practice squad has 8 slots. Is this correct? As the 4 remaining draftees are signed, who and in what order will be released? Finally, as other teams follow suite, what positional players will the dolphins sign, if any? Thanks for your time.
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