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This is all wrong. I have it on good authority from many different Celtic fans who comment on various blogs that it was Ray Allen's defense in the game that lost it for us.
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No No No No No and No. And did I forget to say no? For the C's, Ray's skill right now is irreplaceable. Who is going to spread the floor with their outside shooting? Rondo? Jeff Green? Josh Smith? Is Delonte a good enough shooter from range to replace Ray? We just watched Dallas take down the Heat by raining threes and we want to become an even worse three point shooting team? This is EXACTLY the kind of move that guarantees a playoff spot every year as well as a playoff exit when we face the Heat or the Bulls. I don't want to be the Milwaukee Bucks from the eighties or the Utah Jazz from Jordan's years. No No No No No and No.
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Jun 21, 2011