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hah, this is my favorite one thus far. I hope you get a shirt for it.
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In a D&D campaign I was playing in several years ago, we had a guy trying to argue that his lvl 3 rogue totally wouldn't have fallen for the trap that just killed him because his int was 16 and he would have been smart enough to look for traps. DM said 'You're right, he would have been smart enough to look for traps, too bad you didn't figure that out BEFORE he died." Insert more arguing/whining. DM had a lightbulb moment and immediately agreed to retcon the trap and let the guy make a search roll (despite much protest from the rest of us). Shortly thereafter, the rogue 'coincidentally' finds a Tome of Clear Thought +2. More protesting from us. Then a booming voice calls out for Jim-Bob, and a redneck tree ( runs in, sees the rogue with a book, and screams in rage "You made a book out of Jim-Bob!" DM says "save versus horrible humiliating death, DC impossible"
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Jun 21, 2010