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There has to be somewhere in the southeast that is more centrally located that can handle an MLS team. We finally got a lower level team here in Knoxville last year that has made the lack of a close MLS team bearable for the time being.
Zak 27 Maryville, TN USMNT, MLS & Fulham back to the old site, however long ago that was
exactly...couldn't have said it better myself. i'm in east tn, and would gladly drive down to atl to see some games in a heartbeat
mls is not the nhl though. you have soccer down here already. before the nhl came down, there wasn't much of a hockey presence anyway. just a bunch of minor leagues. and actually, the predators haven't done that bad in nashville
i'm here in the southeast, and i'm dying for a team close by. forget florida & go to atlanta or somewhere in the carolinas or even nashville. you can't leave out an entire region of the country
bocanegra did not play in the group stages of the confederations cup because of injury. his only games on the tournament were spain & the finals against brazil. so you can't claim that his defense hurt us in those first 3 games. bornstein was the LB in those games i do agree that the spector, demerit, gooch, boca is our best backline
Can/will the NCAA ever consider adapting the college game to be similar to professional/international soccer? I'm talking more along the lines substitutions & game clock.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2009 on It's Q&A Time at Soccer By Ives