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Happily married scrapper. Owned by two crazy cats and currently a yet-again-frustrated student. Lover of coffee, dark chocolate and words.
Interests: scrapbooking, writing, reading, photography, watching movies and TV-shows with hubby, having coffee with friends
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Beautiful and so happylooking cards!!
Beautiful and so happylooking cards!!
Goodness... that is just so adorable! ♥
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So beautiful and I loved "joining you" while you made it, in the video. It always makes the cards more alive, somehow, to know how they were made. TFS! :D
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Oh. My. Goodness. Look at that pile! It's the size of half my current stash! *grins* ...but much lovelier. Whoever wins this will be a VERY happy person! :D Thanks for the chance - and happy 2016 to you!
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Ooooh! They are so sweet and happylooking! What a great prize! *fingers crossed for luck* :D
That is absolutely darling!
This is such a fantastic hop!! My best crafty friend... I couldn't possibly pick one! But I know one I'd like to send a little extra reminder that I am thinking of her: Leah Killian. :)
Ooooh, goodness... This will be one expensive release, I need everything! LOL LOVE this card! Looove the craft on craft and that texture and the cute little motifs in a cluster... Love it all!!
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This card... it's pure perfection! ♥
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Wow. SO many pretty cards!! Like you, I am sure to love a set with cats in it, so your kitty card is my mostest fave, of course! Bold colours, some puns and a cat - WIN! :D
I am soooo loving this card!!
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2015 on Embossed Vellum card at the CLASSroom
Super cute and fun way to use the paper as the kick off point! That card sure will warm someone's heart!
I also like on Twitter/tweeted about the Stampede. :)
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Gorgeous, as always! I adore your little details, like the glittery balloon strings... such a perfect finishing touch to take the card from very pretty to awesome! :D
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That is so very clever and cuuuuute! The alpha stamps seems super versatile, too. :)
Looks fantastic! Love that you used the hats as tags, and the white in the stitching on the card IS amazing! Love happy accidents like that! :D
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Love how colourful and happylooking your cards are! These dies seem to be a MUST in my crafty corner. :D
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2015 on Pretty Pink Post Blog Hop! at Living My Dream
You are a GODDESS! That card is to die for (no pun intended... or maybe it was). SO gorgeous, and yes, I definitely need that die now...
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TOOOOO adorable! I don't have words for how cute these are!
Very beautiful, loving and elegant!
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Really love your cards! So clever and detailed, and very summery. :D
Those are FAB! Thank you!
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2014 on this is a photo I didn't take... at starfiin
Oh goodness... This is beauuuutiful! I love it all, and the colours ake me swooooon! :D
Ooooh yes, please! Lovely! The index cards? SO "stockuppable"! :D