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L.S. I like the way you think, but you're too kind. As it is, in MO, for your first and second DWI infraction, you lose your license for 30 days and 1 year, respectively. Trouble is, laywers need to eat too and they plead for those hardships you mentioned. Persnoally, I think the first and second offense should be 1 year and lifetime. Oh and if you're driving while your license PRIVLEDGES are revoked, it should be a felony.
For the record, MRS 565.024 defines involutary manslaughter as when one "Recklessly causes the death of another person; . . ." Note that I was answering jdcc's question as to "why the dude did not get a wreckless homicide charge?"
Hmm. I'm wondering if I've been had by a pun. Many states consider a person guilty of reckless homicide when, with recklessness one causes the death of another person. Again MO doesn't have a statute defining reckless homicide, with or without a W.
There is no such thing as wreckless homicide in Missouri.
Hot on the heels of approving science standards advocating “intelligent design”, some members of the Kansas Board of Education are seeking further reforms to science standards used in Kansas. Members are challenging the widely held belief that the earth is spherical and want to allow local districts to promote the “Earth is Flat Theory” as an alternative. Countering evidence that the Earth must be spherical because the hulls of ships disappear first as they travel towards the horizon, Chairman Steve Abrams said, “We know how flat Kansas is and why shouldn’t the rest of the Earth be the same? Plus, there are many gaps in the naughtical [sic laugh] record. Nowhere in Kansas can you see a ship disappear across the horizon.”
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