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Very interesting topic. Maybe before we can venture out onto 100% voice recognition we need to have prior advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I mean unless a computer 'understands' us in the same way as we understand another human being, it cannot really tell the difference between the phonetic representations of 'their' 'there' and 'they' 'day'. Guess it needs 'common sense' to guide it to choose what to interpret. Dunno how we're gonna infuse common sense into our computers. What if it meant that we had to take whatever technology we have, what we are striving on, and tear it down to the basics and come up with something else completely new? Maybe if someone actually does this and shows us that yes voice recog tech is more feasible than the cost of global computer eradication... even if temporarily :)... Well for the time being it would be cool if we just had everyone use their fingerprints or retinas to identify themselves over the internet... hmmm or maybe voice prints (dunno if each voice is unique) :)
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Jun 23, 2010