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I'm also currently reviewing all the microfilms from Tura Luka. I think we corresponded a few years ago about our Holic lines and had no evidence of a connection. Since then I have gotten much farther back on the 2 Holic lines in my and my husband's families. He and I even have a common Holic in one line. I also have Fusek, Jandik, Skaritka, Ferjanec, Chlapecka (several of those), Marcek, Fako, Dvorsky and more. My farthest reaching Holics so far are Jan born 21 Jan. 1795 to Jan Holic and Anna Hancura (not real clear on her name). He married Elizabeth Chlapecka in 1813. We've also got Anna Holic born 4 Dec. 1804 to George Holic and Catherine Omasta. Anna married Jan Chlapecka in 1823. Can you tell me what addresses your Holics in Tura luka used. My family seem to be mostly at #73,74, 75 and 76. One exception is my grandmother's family which lived at #350 (it was inhereted from the Ferjanec family when a Holic married the daughter). I'd love to hear from you.
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Mar 29, 2010