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Mountain lover, knitter, and reader living in Utah.
Interests: knitting! spinning, hiking, blogging., reading, grrlfriends Postcrossing
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Your Monday looks festive and bright. My moments to savor are quiet evenings with Smith, a drink before dinner, seems so civilized. Tomorrow we'll decorate!
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I hope you slept well and your day has a different form today.
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That was a lovely look at trees, their leaves and their bare bones. I enjoyed reading your thoughts, Honore. Our trees are in about the same state as yours, although we might have a few more that are totally bare.
Happy Birthday, albeit a day late! I hope you had a lovely day and got to celebrate to the fullest!!
Beautiful! I think we have known autumn too long this year as well. Your photos are beautiful and tell autumns story well.
I wish I could paint as beautifuly as you! I only use the Waterlogue app for my painting.🙂 Comment:
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Magical memories brought on by weathers reminders. Thank you for sharing a day in your life that held so much wonder and magnitude.
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2017 on a rainy day memory ... at Morning Glory Studio
Sharing ideas is the best thing about friends getting together to stitch. All the quilts are beautiful and fun to see! Thank you.
Good Morning! Mornings before dawn are my favorite time of day. It's "my" time. I was very happy to see the Astros win. We have a split house, too. :) Here's to a good day and I hope you have a chance to get it all done!
How wonderful to live with a man who is head and shoulders above most. I hope he had a lovely day of celebration. Your view of one month flowing into the next is a calming way of looking at the flow of life. Thank you for that image.
I book festival would be so fun and interesting. I agree with everything Kym said. I will be reading Penny's latest as soon as I can!
You brought home the idea of being totally aware, in the moment, seeing, hearing, being one with all around you. I love the thoughts in this post.
So glad to hear your day ended on a happy note. You handled the frustrations of the day better than I would have. We're just getting a cool down after day after day over 100. Who knew 90s would feel comfortable? Hope your Thursday turns out to go more your way!
Writing queue is one of my little pleasures. I just started wearing lipstick (once in awhile) after many years of leaving it behind. I would rather never wear it're a good role model. And I haven't seen or worn a pair of panty hose in 20 years. Good residence! Thank you for sharing some fun facts about yourself.
Margene added a favorite at knitorious
Feb 14, 2017
So glad to hear you weren't seriously hurt with your fall. Icy walkways are my greatest fear (at my age) and I know how sore one can be after a fall. I'm enjoying your daily missives and wish I could find my blog voice again.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2017 on we-blog... at Morning Glory Studio
Our year is starting much the same as yours. Today Christmas will be put away, a nice New Years dinner prepared, as our way of continuing the celebration, and a little organization and cleaning to start the year with a clean slate (and house)! Happy New Year!!
How wonderful to share your joy of journaling. Hopefully, your nieces will continue the habit throughout their lives.
Thank you! We had morning chill, unusual this time of year, and it was a lovely day. Hope you enjoyed your day to the fullest!
Your quilt is beautiful! Maybe I don't understand the amount of work involved, but it does not look like an insurmountable problem. I would set aside the two purple pieces and remake (or reuse) them on the yellow ground. The project is very near completion, but then, I really don't know what is involved. Stitch on! It's all part of the process of the creation of handwork.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2016 on (U)FO Friday... at Morning Glory Studio
Love the various greens and the magic of the doorway!
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2016 on summer magic ... at Morning Glory Studio
As soon as my work day is over my weekend starts! Yay! Years ago (1976) I spent nearly the full day in the Textile Museum. I still remember the red embroidered fabric that hug in the front hallway. I think it was Moroccan. Hope you enjoyed your day at the museum!
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2016 on inch by inch... at Morning Glory Studio
I enjoyed reading your list and your "h" attributes. I'm still practicing my handwriting and hope it will improve as yours did.
I love a collage of the month and the explanation of daily photos. You show a life well lived.
I'm all about summer, although we have little to no humidity. It's 102 today. I love it and I know how to stay cool.