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Mountain lover, desert rat, knitter, and reader living in Utah.
Interests: knitting! spinning, hiking, blogging., reading, grrlfriends
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I don't consider myself a procrastinator, I just get around to things when I can.
Stories are so important in our lives and you have some great stories of your mother. I enjoyed reading and thank you for sharing them!
Many of Norman's movies would be on my list and I'm going to check out some of the others to see if I like them, too.
Your list is just how I'd like my every day to be. Enjoy spring!
I'm still chicken to change over the El Captain, but I'm very interested in having my pictures across all devises. I just got an iPad and it would be wonderful to have easy access on both (some day I'll get an iPhone). My treats are usually a pedicure and manicure, or a fountain pen.
Number 4 and 6 are tops of my list. I enjoyed reading about your memories, as so much of why we like food is what it meant to us as kids.
Yum, yum, yummy list!
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How I loved drawing hopscotch squares in my (much) younger days. It's wonderful to see they are still in fashion and more creative than ever!
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2016 on hopscotch... at Morning Glory Studio
I enjoy DST, as we spend as much of our evening as we can either in the garden or on our patio. It's our together time.
I haven't used the Waterlogue app enough. As spring makes inroads I hope to see more pictures worthy of watercoloring. Your days sound lovely!
The golden glow of morning holds so much promise. Today we have rain/snow mix and cold temps, but spring made a visit over the weekend.
Such a beautiful picture, with wonderful light and color. I hope to see color soon, but at the moment we have nothing but fog. Your February sounds full of color and and joy!
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2016 on currently | 11 feb 2016 at Morning Glory Studio
Our eyes don't often look past the main object to see the details around us. There is so much texture and color we miss. You've made that clear with your study and practice. I like the way you use technology to help you identify what makes the picture interesting.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2016 on learning to see... at Morning Glory Studio
Your January sounds calm and enjoyable. January is not my favorite month, but this year it wasn't too gray or too snowy.
We'll plant spinach, radishes, onions, and beets..maybe potatoes, too.
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That's a great idea!
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2016 on Right Now-ish at Zeneedle...needleart as life
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The paint is called Iconic Sky and it's a blue between robin egg and turquoise? We painted the closet a couple of years ago and I loved it enough to paint the whole bedroom. Jessica Jones is dark, sometimes gorey, haunting, but also fascinating mind play. I knit, sew, or play on my iPad. 😊 XOX
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2016 on Right Now-ish at Zeneedle...needleart as life
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You must be so proud of her many accomplishments. A weekend-long sleepover is going to be so fun for her. Girlfriends mean so much to a fifteen year old. Happy Birthday to Kayla!
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2016 on Cheers to you, Kayla ... at Morning Glory Studio
The light is beautiful and I hope you only have more blue skies and warmer temperatures in the forecast.
One of my favorite places to travel is DC because you can't see and do it all! It's a great place to be and I'm happy you share it with us. I was a Ten on Tuesday absentee this week and I'm sorry I missed the opportunity.
Shoveling a path is a lot of hard work. How nice you had good people stop by to help out. Hope you're able to get out soon and enjoy the blue skies.
Honere I've been thinking about you all week and wondering how you're faring the storm. Hope your power stays on and you stay cozy and warm. Being without electricity is my worst nightmare. Looking forward to hearing more about your year long project!
Love the colors (my favorites) and I think I see blue sky in the photo as well as you!
You're colder than we are! At least you have some blue in your sky. It's been gray here for days. Enjoy the warm up!
For so many years I had a closet full of projects, ideas, hopes, aspirations, dreams--too.much.stuff. Cleaning down to the bare bones of true love helped me feel less stressed. I need to adopt your #2 and get my feet moving more!