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Dean Zepick
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My street, power lines and all.>
A couple of album covers for those close to me. One here:
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2015 on Ever Get a Cover? at The Online Photographer
Loved what I saw of the Olympics, which, I admit, was quite a bit. I am not too sure about the tinkering needed. Some of these sports are grand as they stand. They addition of snowboard cross, alpine cross and the like should satisfy the action crowd. You can't argue with strategy needed in curling even if it might seem slow to some. By the way, a friend with a tech pass saw a dB meter at the curling venue. They had the place at 110dB and more--more, I was told, than any hockey game. But I started this post to just mention the photographic side, not the images from Getty but from Canwest photgraphers. They asked each for a favourite. See them at
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Mar 1, 2010